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Why You Shouldn’t Use These to Brew Your Tea

Loose leaf tea brewing is inconvenient? still using a tea bag and tea ball? You may have been brewing the tea in a wrong way! Here are things to notice when you brew your tea. People always say that whole leaf tea brewing is inconvenient, but it’s not actually true.


First, we need to discuss a few things you need to avoid when brewing a cup of good tea.

Tea Bag

The problem with tea bags and the reason why we would advise you to avoid them is that first and foremost, they contain very poor quality tea.

Tea in a tea bag is pretty close to tea dust, we have a whole leaf, high-quality black tea, and brewing is supposed to do the same thing. Also, tea dust brews very quickly, it releases all of its tannins at once, and this cause the tea is much more bitter than it should be. This is probably why the British started to add milk to soften the tea.

The tea in tea bags tastes dusty and one-dimensional, and it doesn’t have all of the subtleties and fragrances


Tea temple

Tea temple is an advanced version of tea bag, this takes the convenience of a tea bag and combines with loose leaf tea. But these are a couple of problems with this. The first problem is that the material that these tea bags are not made out of silk, but a kind of plastic, which will be quite harmful when you put it into boiling water. Again comparing to the quality of proper whole leaf tea, the tea in the temple is mulched and crushed.

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The second problem is that as a tea brews it tends to expand, and as it expands, the tea starts to block up the tea bag mesh and therefore becomes a badly brewed tea.


Tea ball

The ball is getting better if you want dip tea in hot water, and you don’t want to deal with the whole leaf in a loose form, then this would be advisable. But there is also a problem, it is similar to the silk, or plastic tea bag — as the tea expands it will start to clog up the tea ball’s mesh.


It’s not true that loose leaf tea is inconvenient, with the good utensils and your high-quality tea, it really easy to brew a cup of good tea.

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