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Top 7 Must-know Music Apps In China in 2018

If you a Chinese Music lover, I would say you got the right place here. you may better take a look the latest top list of hottest music apps in China below, which will offer you fantastic music experience

Compared with foreign music apps, what is interesting about Chinese music streaming services is that they are all free. Most of the apps charge when offering subscription for better audio quality, ads, concert tickets, virtual gift-giving, and song purchases.


1.KuGou (酷狗)

Founded in 2004, Kugou Music is the largest online music service in China, boasting over 450 million monthly active users. Meanwhile, it merged 5SING, which was a platform that Chinese original producer uploaded their original music masterpieces before.

A large portion of KuGou content is dedicated to square dancing tunes and KTV, KuGou has also won users by integrating KTV streaming which enables users to receive “song coins” that can be transferred into real currency. Users can also comment on songs through “bullet screens” where comments stream across the video, listen to the radio, watch video, and interact through the social platform. Besides, KuGou has the most complete music library and owns professional audio decoding technology. It has precision KRC lyrics and users can Karaoke anywhere and anytime.


2.QQ Music (QQ音乐)

Launched in 2004, QQ Music is a music streaming app owned by Tencent company. It is the most complete music platform protecting the music copyright of musicians.

The app has 211.43 million users and owes its success to Tencent’s huge presence in the Chinese market, including WeChat. This has enabled the service to strike deals with major record labels and allow its users to buy concert tickets through its payment service. Apart from radio, KTV, and live streaming which can be rewarded with virtual gift-giving, QQ Music also offers articles and enables users to watch music videos, concerts, and interviews with famous musicians, including international stars.

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3.KuWo (酷我)

Founded in 2005, Kuwo is the third largest music streaming service in China and has over 100 million monthly active users. It allow users to search, download, listen to music and watch song video, and all these are free. The song lyrics will display automatically when play songs. Each week Kuwo launches more than one hundred albums to follow the most IN music.

KuWo place a heavy focus on KTV streaming; the app even hosts KTV tournaments with cash rewards. Besides KTV streaming, it also serves as a video streaming platform and offers a wealth of video content bordering on trashy which users can comment through bullet screens (Screenshot from KuWo), such as Chinese ever so popular talent shows and comedian acts. KuWo also reserves a part of its app for rising DJs of China. offers song purchases and subions, but it is also trying to make money with in-app gaming and its own brand of headphones and speakers.


4.NetEase Cloud Music (网易云音乐)

Launched in 2013, NetEase is the first music service in China that became a unicorn after securing RMB 750 million in Series A financing in April 2017 With 62.7 million MAU.

What differentiates NetEase Music from other apps is its stronger focus on indie artists, enabling it to compete with internet giants like Tencent and Alibaba which have big entertainment ecosystems. Besides short videos, the app has social features that enable users to interact with performers which have profiles on the service. It also has a music streaming option for joggers called “Run FM” that selects music with a BPM rate that matches the listener’s running tempo. Aside from music, users can listen to podcasts and watch videos. Also, its comment area left many impressive comments by its users.

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In QuestMobile’s report, it has about 14.4 million monthly active users in March 2017, making it


5.Xami Music (虾米音乐)

Xiami was founded as a P2P platform in 2007 and acquired by Alibaba in 2013. It is the fifth largest online music platform in China and the top rated and most professional music player on Android platform. The software has more than 4 million high-quality pieces. Xiami also gives details of each album and each singer.

In recent years the service has decided to add more niche content by featuring emerging musicians with original music. It has also launched The Undiscovered Nationwide Spotlight music program, a nation-wide talent search where users can vote for more than 6000 artists.


6.TTPod player 天天动听

TTPod is one of the most popular Chinese music players with over 10 million downloads in the world. It offers quality decoding with mp3, mp4, wma, flac and ape, accurate lyrics and whole album downloads. Besides, TTpod users can enjoy its HD music video.


7.Duomi Music player 多米音乐

Duomi Music player is a personalized music platform, which boasts more than 3 million copyrighted pieces and all of these are free to download. Users can discover, download and enjoy perfect sound quality music with it.

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