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Top 7 Famous Shaanxi Compounds

Last year, The Chinese TV series ” Nothing Gold Can Stay” was on the hot screen, and then the Wu’s Courtyard Houses in Shaanxi also became famous. In Shaanxi, there are many compounds left by the wealthy celebrities. These buildings are magnificent and gorgeous, rich in culture and have high artistic value. Today, let’s take a look at the seven most famous compounds in Shaanxi.



  1. Gao’s Courtyard Houses

Gao’s Courtyard is one of the most intact Han residential houses in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province. Built in the Ming Chongzhen years, it has a history of more than 400 years. This Shaanxi compound covers an area of 2,844 square meters and is in the form of a brick-and-wood structure.



  1. Zhou’s Courtyard Houses

The Zhou’s Courtyard Houses in Shaanxi Province was built in the late Qing Dynasty and is the home of the god daughter of Empress Dowager Cixi.



  1. Tang’s Courtyard Houses

This Shaanxi compound is a fully enclosed castle-like complex with a combination of south and north architectural styles, covering an area of 3,206 square meters. The stone carvings, brick carvings and wood carvings of the compound are called “Most three unique carvings” because of the exquisite craftsmanship.



  1. Jiang’s Manor

Shaanxi Jiang’s Manor was built in the Guangxu period of Qing Dynasty. The art of brick, wood and stone carving of Jiang’s manor is very dainty. The whole manor is carved and polished everywhere.



  1. Zhang’s Courtyard Houses

Built in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, Zhang’s Courtyard Houses is located in Baihe County, Shaanxi Province. The house is divided into upper and lower courtyards, which are about 300 meters apart.

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  1. Wen’s Courtyard Houses

Built in 1938, Wen’s Courtyard Houses is a typical Guanzhong ancient dwelling. Its plane and space structure belong to the traditional Chinese courtyard house type. All the buildings in the courtyard are made of brick and wood, inlaid with jade beads, which looks like gorgeous and magnificent. And the courtyard is mainly decorated with wood carvings, stone carvings, brick carvings, bamboo carvings and bone carvings.



  1. Yao’s Courtyard Houses

Located in the downtown area of Xi’an, Ludang Xiang, Yao’s Courtyard Houses is one of the only old courtyards in Xi’an with Ming and Qing architectural styles.



These unique courtyards have left a strong mark on the history of Chinese architecture. They are not only the pride of the Shaanxi people, but also the pride of the entire Chinese people.

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