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Top 7 Amazing Danxia in China for Vacation

China has vast territory and abundant resources, which makes her a ideal places to spend your holiday. China Danxia, developed on continental red terrigenous sedimentary beds influenced by endogenous forces (including uplift) and exogenous forces (including weathering and erosion), are characterized by spectacular red cliffs and a range of erosional landforms, including dramatic natural pillars, towers, ravines, valleys and waterfalls. Today, I’ll introduce a list of marvelous Danxia in China for your vocations. Let’s go to see what they are.


  1. Bajiaozhai Village ( Guanxi Province) & Langshan Mountain (Hunan Province)

Honored as “soul of the Danxia landform”, Bajiaozhai Village is also called Yutai Mountain, of which corner has dangerous, towering, majesty, wonderful, beautiful, and natural characteristic, one of which is called “Longtouxiang” and it is suspending in the air, it looks like a dragon which is going to fly.

Langshan Mountain is one of China’s National Geological Park and famous for its unique Danxia landform. Langshan Mountain has rich natural scenery and abundant tourism resources. There are more than 60 scenic spots in Langshan Mountain. Among which the most famous are Tianyi Lane, Chili Peak, Zixia Cave, Fuyi River, Innate Bridge, Bajiao Stronghold, Emperor Xun Forest Park and Xicun Ancient Dwelling, etc.

Best time to visit: all year


  1. Mount Danxia (Guangdong Province) 丹霞山(广东)

known as “China’s Redstone Park”, Danxia Mountain has a few unique stones such as the Yang Yuan Stone, Yin Yuan Stone, Breasts stone, Sleeping Beauty and other attractions which make Danxia Mountain a “natural sex culture museum.” It is the most complete, unique beautiful and typical Danxia landform Among 1200 Danxia landscapes in the world, it is also called “open-air geological museum”. In the 2010 UNESCO list of world heritage sites, Mount Danxia was listed as a natural World Heritage Site as part of China’s Danxia landform.

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Best time to visit: April–Oct.


  1. Mount Longhu, Jiangxi 江西龙虎山

Mount Longhu is famous for being one of the birthplaces of Taoism as well as the best and most complete Danxia landform in China. It also carries great cultural significance as it is a historical burial site of the Guyue people, who placed their dead in hanging coffins on the mountain cliffs.

Best time to visit: June – Sept.


  1. Chishui Danxi Landform, Guizhou 贵州赤水丹霞

Chishui Danxia landform has bright red red cliff, narrow ridge, spectacular rocks and mountains, huge rocks gallery cave and beautiful Danxia canyons, together with green forests and waterfalls, forming a unique Danxia landform.

Best time to visit: all year


  1. Wuyi Mountains, Fujian 福建武夷山

The Wuyi Mountains were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dubbed a “Natural Arboretum”, Wuyi Mountain is noted for its large number of ancient plant species and wild animals, many of which are found only in China. Also, With a pleasant climate, fascinating scenery, abundant products, time-honored history and rich tourism resources, Mount Wuyi is a famous tea, grain and timber production center in China.

Best time to visit: May–Oct.


  1. The Golden Lake, Fujian 福建大金湖

The Golden Lake is well-known as “the first hills” and the oldest Danxia landform in southeast coastal area of China. surrounded by mountains and verdant forest. Stone bamboo shoots stand tall with springs flowing through them. There are more than 1,000 historic sites at this unique scenic spot. A large number of strange caves and honeycomb caves can be seen everywhere in the scenic area, which are  called “Danxia landform Cave Museum”.

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Best time to visit: all year around


  1. Zhangye Danxia Landform, Gansu 甘肃张掖- Red Rocks and Rainbow Ridges

The Zhangye danxia landform area is known as “the eye candy of Zhangye”.

a kaleidoscope of numerous red rocky outcrops resemble weird and wonderful shapes like castles, cones, towers; as well as humans, creatures, birds and beasts. Their peaks peeping through the mist and clouds, produce mirage-like scenery of fantastic mountains and pavilions.

4 viewing Platforms:

  • Colorful Meeting Fairy Platform(the largest)- shapes in the mountains known as Monks Worshiping the Buddha, the huge “scallops”, Monkeys Rush into the Sea of Fire, and Rainbow Hill.
  • Colorful Sea of Clouds Platform

—two platforms:

  • the top of a hill: the highest viewing platform; The wooden path to the top platform is like the Great Wall winding along the ridge.
  • the base
  • Colorful Embroidered Platform
  • Colorful Clouds Platform – the most stunning view


Best Times to Visit (Seasons and Hours):

  • from June to September;
  • try not to go when it is cloudy or raining, as only when there is sunshine will these mountains show you their gorgeous colors;
  • visit in the morning and at dusk, especially at sunset, when the colors change continuously, showing yellow and red layers covered by a light gray layer.


So, Are these Danxia landform impressive to you? Are you tempted to visit them?

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