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Top 6 Internet Celebrities in 2018 China

Internet Celebrity can rise to fame by various means, some write online journals or weblogs, in this case they often write anonymously and their focus is upon a specialist topic. Besides, some become popular by posting some photos, like sexy body, beautiful scenery or cute pets. In other Cases, people might rise to fame through a single event. Or shooting funny videos that spread viral via internet.


Internet celebrities, who have notable influence on public opinions, are expected to take up more social responsibilities and deliver more positive energy to netizens. Here we listed X internet Celebrities in 2018 China.


1#Papi jiang

Papi jiang, who has more than 13 million followers on Sina Weibo and millions of fan on other social medias. She has a unique selling point by making funny and enlightening videos, she is highly educated with a master’s degree from china central academy drama.


2# Abbily

She has 6 million followers on Douyin for posting attractive dancing videos, but if you know the truth, she is actually a boy.

social media: Douyin


3#李子染Pinyin: liziran

Became famous for shooting traditional Chinese food videos, you can view the traditional China and culture through her video.

social media: Douyin


4#冯提莫 Pinyin: fengtimo

Live streamer, singer and actor. characteristic perm performance.

Social media: Douyu TV



Well-known education blogger, funny video style to teach English in China Social media.

Social media: Douyin


6#华农兄弟Huanong Brothers

The main business of “huannong brothers” is bamboo rat breeding. In their spare time, they shoot  videos and upload them to the Internet to share their experience in bamboo rat breeding and rural life.

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Social media: Douyin

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