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Top 6 Horrible Beverages in China

Beverage is a kind of drink that we like very much in our daily life. Some drinks also contain a lot of nutrients, which are more beneficial to the human body. However, not all drinks are tasty. Today I will show you the top 6 horrible beverages in China.


  1. Laoshan Odenlandia Water

Laoshan Odenlandia Water is an alkaline beverage carefully developed by Qingdao Laoshan Mineral Water Co., Ltd. in the early 1960s to meet the health needs of foreign consumers. It has the effects of hangover, protecting the liver, nourishing the stomach, detoxifying and clearing heat. However, it tastes like the boiled water made by the sweeping aunt who cooks it with leaves on the ground. Also someone said it taste like you are drinking your own sweat or eating a rotten mat or bugs.




  1. Kangshifu Snow Pear and Rock Sugar Beverage

In fact, some people like this kind of beverage. But people who don’t like sweets things will definitely dislike it. Because it is sweet to vomit.



  1. Scream in Red Packaging

Its taste is described as “water of dust cloth”. It smells like ginseng, but it tastes sour and bitter, which feels like drinking yellow water mixed with mud.



  1. Hey Song Sarsaparilla

This kind of sweet carbonated drink is the most famous carbonated beverage produced in Taiwan. People describe the taste as a blend of bubble chewing gum and safflower massage oil.



  1. Fruits Blend

It is a mixed juice drink produced by Nongfu Springs. Some people said it taste like eating a tomato that is going to break down.

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  1. Maraculous Oriental Leaf

It is the latest tea drink produced by Nongfu Springs. Its bland taste is described as a bottle of overnight herbal tea. Also some people said that they drank the water for washing feet after trying it.



So have you drunk one of the above beverages or other horrible Chinese beverages? Can you bear the horrible taste of these beverage?

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