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Top 5 Recognized Good-looking Female Chinese Volleyball Players

In addition to the many honors that the Chinese women have won in the competition, the beautiful and beautiful appearance, as well as the beautiful face and the average figure of the model, have won countless fans, so they have also formed a unique landscape in the women’s volleyball arena.


  1. Hui Ruoqi

She is the former Outside Hitter of female Chinese volleyball

Birth Day: 1991,03,04

Height: 1.92m

Weight: 71 kg



  1. Wei Qiuyue

She is a retired female Chinese volleyball player

Birth Day: 1988,09,26

Height: 1.82m

Weight: 65kg



  1. Zhao Ruirui

She is a female Chinese volleyball player

Birth Day: 1981,10,08

Height: 1.97m




  1. Zhang Changning

She is a female Chinese indoor volleyball and beach volleyball player

Birth Day:1995,11,06

Height: 1.93m




  1. Xue Ming

She is a female Chinese volleyball player

Birth Day: 1987,06,23

Height: 1.92m




So, have you ever seen a match performed by Chinese women’s volleyball team? Who are the Chinese women’s volleyball players you like best?


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