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Top 15 Kichiku All Stars in 2018

There are lot ordinary people burst to fame for their experience, creative works or funny faces or lines. Today, I’ll talk about the top 15 Kichuku All Stars in 2018. Let’s go to see who they are.


  1. Wu zhengqiang

The network popular word “hairline boyz” came from Wu Zhengqiang because of his response to his bad experience of spending 40,000 in lifting his hairline cut his hair on the temples. And net friends then made the Internet meme based on his funny face.


  1. Wang Jingze

He was propelled to fame for his performance in the Chinese memorial program -X-change as well as his Internet meme made by net friends.  The hot word “so appetizing”, coming from Wang Jingze in the X-change refers to a person who is determined not to do one thing, but then to do it.



  1. Hong Shixian

He is the leading actor in the TV series “Home Temptation” and He is a playboy in this play. But because of his funny and classic lines in this play as well as his Internet meme made by netizens, he became popular.



  1. Liu Xiao Ling Tong

A hit word “Wen ti liang kai hua” originally came from him when he promoted his own movies. Because he propagandized his new movies regardless of the occasion and belittled the charecters of Sun Wukong played by other actors, many netizens were dissatisfied with his beaviors. Therefore, many net friends imitated the way he speaks to tease and satirize him.


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  1. Sun Xiaochuang

Beacause of his Weibo name “Daiai Da Shixiong”, net friends called him “Da shixiong”. Netizens tends to spoof some things on him, and regarded him as the first one to take the blame for others on the Internet.



  1. Giao Ge

The online buzzword “giao”, was first coming from the, Giao Ge. “一给我哩giaogiao” is the signature line of Giao Ge,  and appeared at the end of his every video. This sentence is so funny and brainwashing by coupling with his magical rap that Giao Ge become hit in the rap field.



  1. Skr Wu

The word “skr” is the mantra of Kris Wu Yifan in the Chinese variety show “The Rap of China”, which was later made by fans as an Internet meme and homophonic “si ge” in different phrases. The word “SKR” was selected as one of “Top Ten Network Terms for 2018” by the National Language Resource Monitoring and Research Center.



  1. Luo zhilin

He was jokingly called “Genius” because he broadcasted on Tianjin TV on December 8th, 2014, the recruitment program “Non-you are”, boasted himself singing songs like Andy Lau, calligraphy like Wang Xizhi (a great Chinese calligrapher), intelligence like Zhuge Liang (a famous Chinese militarist), appearance like Pan An (A famous handsome man), poem like Li Bai (poetic genius), mathematics like Hua Luogeng as well as table tennis like Ma Lin.



  1. Liu Su Liang & Hu Yueqing

They are a group of online celebrity, called “Hua Nong brothers.” “Hua” refers to China and “nong” means the countryside. Breeding bamboo rat breeding is their main business. They also took photos of bamboo rats in their spare time. With a slightly pleasing language and real rural landscape, they have become one of the most watched self-medias on social networks today.

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  1. Top on the Forbidden City

Top on the Forbidden City suddenly burst into flames because one of its scene in which the female host stopped the two male leading roles from awkwardly dancing in the rain.


  1. Shen Jianhua

He became popular for one of video about selling his gloves.


  1. Hao Haiyo

This song is mainly played by a netizen in his Tik Tok video which presented the difference of dico dancing between the people in urban city and small town. It became hit beacause the very magical and brainwashing style.



  1. Yang chaoyu

With her rags-to-riches background and doll-like appearance, Yang Chaoyue received flak for her poor singing and dancing skills in China’s hit show Produce 101. However, she was able to rise beyond the criticism and secure third place on the show.

So many netizens forward the news or Internet meme about Yang Chao and hope that they can get more good luck.



  1. Chen shulin

He became popular for his song “Kao Mianjin”. The lyrics is very funny and down-to-earth.



Are these people make you roll in the aisles? Do you know some other Chinese Kichiku All Stars?

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