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Top 15 Enviable Celebrity Couples in China

“If you do not love into dressing, eating, a few money, to the real life, is not easy to enduring as the universe.”


There are many people once said: “Marriage is like a seal on the jar of wine, no one knows the wine is sweet or bitter until you get married later. A good marriage is like wine, the longer it is, the more mellow the wine is.” There are some people mockingly said: “A woman’s marital happiness, only to see her husband came home within ten minutes.” Today, I’ll talk about 15 enviable celebrity couples in china and show you how them maintain their marriage as happy as they got marriage before.

  1. Hu Ke and Sha Yi

Actress and TV anchor Hu Ke married actor Sha Yi in 2011 and now they have two sons. If you have seen the Chinese variety show “Super Mom” and “Where Are We Going, Dad?”, you must be admiring their intimate relationship, happy marriage and liking their cute and considerate sons.

  1. Bao Lei and Lu Yi

Having begun his career as a child star, 36-year-old Lu Yi has a long list of films and television dramas under his belt. In 2006, Lu Yi married his college sweetheart, Bao Lei, an actress with the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center. The couple also has two daughters together.


  1. Guan Yue and Tong Dawei

Actor Tong Dawei married actress Guan Yue in 2008 and the two have a daughter together. In 2012, when “The Flowers of War” premiered at the 62nd Berlinale Film Festival, Tong, as one of the male leads, invited his wife Guan Yue to accompany him.

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  1. Sun Li and Huang Lei

Huang Lei is an actor, director, producer, screenwriter and singer. He graduated from the Beijing Film Academy and is also a professor there. His wife Sun Li is an actress who also graduated from the Beijing Film Academy. The two got married in 2004 and has two daughters and a son together.


  1. Sun Li and Deng Chao

Sun Li was recognized as one of the most promising young actresses in China. They first met each other through the 2005 drama “Happiness Like FlowerS”. They were spotted dating in 2006 after they starred in two Romantic TV series in 2005 and 2006.The couple’s wedding ceremony was held on June 7, 2011, in Shanghai, and they have two adorable kids: Deng Deng and Xiao Hua.

  1. Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng

Feng shaofeng and Zhao Liying met each other while filming for Monky King 3. After one-year rumor on their dating, they officially announced their marriage on 16 October 2018 on the happy event of Zhao liying’s birthday on Weibo. The announcement caused a short breakdown on the social platform with millions likes and comments within several hours.

  1. Huangxiaoming and Angelababy

On Feb 28th, 2014, Huang announced his relationship with Angelababy. They registered their marriage with Qingdao Civil Affairs Authority on May 27th,2015 and on October of the same year, they had their wedding in Shanghai Exhibition Center.

On their first year anniversary, Huang announced Angelababy’s pregnancy on Weibo. Their son was born on the 17 January 2017 in Hong kong.

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  1. Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen

Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen fell in love after acting together in Chinese drama “Return of the Condor Heroes”. They publicly announced their relationship in Augest, 2015. Michelle Chen accepted Chen Xiao’s proposal after dating for merely 7 months.

They then announced that they would be tying the kot on July 19, 2016 in Beijing. And Michelle Chen delivered their daughter on 20 Dec, 2016.


  1. Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi

They met on the set of “Scarlet Heart”, the 2011 hit drama. Both Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi made a public show of their relationship on November 22th 2013 on both of their weibo pages. They got married after dating for over 3 years. And now Liu Shishi is in her fifth month of pregnancy.

  1. Gao Yuanyuan and Mark Chao

Mark Chao and Gao yuanyuan fell in love while playing a couple in the Chen Kaige cyberbullying drama “Caught in The Web”. They had registered their wedding in Beijing in June, 2014.

  1. Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying

Chan married actress Cherrie Ying on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2010, at Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. They had their first child, Jasper Chan, born on July 1, 2013.

  1. Siyan Huo and Dujiang

Du Jiang has been married to Siyan Huo in 2013 and they have a very cute and considerate child. To tell the truth, the family is really happy, Du Jiang really love Huo Siyan. A family of three is very friendly and keeps a bunch of pets.


  1. Alyssa Chia and Hsiu Chieh-kai

On 14 August 2015, Chia married actor Hsiu Chieh-kai and gave birth to her second daughter Shiou Yun-fei. Her third daughter Hsiu Si-yu was born on 15 March 2017.

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  1. Tang Yan and Luo Jin

Collaborating in five TV dramas together, Tang and Luo were briefly rumored to be dating when they filmed Agent X in 2013. On Dec 6, 2016, the day of the female star’s 33rd birthday, the couple confirmed their relationship to the world. They announced their marriage by posting wedding photos at the same time on Weibo. The announcement won more than seven million likes within one day.

  1. Wu Jing and Xie Nan

Wu Jing and Xie Nan publicly announced their relationship in 2012 and got married in 2014. On 25 August 2014, Wu Jing’s wife gave birth to a healthy boy named Wu Suowei, also named as Wu You. On 24 September 2018, they had a second son named Wu Lu.

If you love someone, please to be brave to pursue your happiness. May all of you be happy in your marriage and life.

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