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Top 15 Delicious Noodles in Shanxi

As the saying goes, “The world noodles are in China, and the Chinese noodles are in Shanxi.” According to the investigation, noodles can be divided into three categories: steamed noodles, boiled noodles, and cooked noodles in terms of production techniques in shanxi. There are 280 kinds of well-documented noodles in Shanxi. Today, I’ll take you to look at the most 15 kinds of delicious noodles in Shanxi.


  1. You Mian Kao Lao Lao

It is one of the top ten noodles in Shanxi. It has the characteristics of exquisite craftsmanship, beautiful appearance and chewy and spongy texture.



  1. Dao xiao mian

It is a traditional kind of noodles in Shanxi and is one of the “Top Ten Noodles in China”. It got the name because it is cut by the knife.



  1. Scissored Noodles

Scissors face is a traditional noodle in Shanxi Province, originated from the end of the Sui dynasty. It got the name because the noodles are shaped by the scissors.



  1. Longxu Mian

Longxu Mian is a traditional noodle in Shangxi. It is a thin and long, shaped dragon-like noodle.



  1. Cat’s ear

The noodles are thumbnail-sized doughs, with a slightly thinner middle and a raised edge. It is a special snack in the northwest.



  1. Lamian

Lamian is a traditional noodle with a local flavor in urban and rural areas of northern China. The technicality of making Lamian is very high.



  1. Dalumian

Dalumian is a traditional kind of noodles in Shanxi, which is more famous for Taiyuan Dalumian.


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  1. Ti Jian Noodle

Ti Jian noodle is a representative noodle that originated in Shanxi Yuncheng and Jinzhong, and is popular in Jin, Mongolia, Shaanxi and Guizhou. It is easy and quick to make, and the taste is smooth and glutinous, so it is widely favored by the local public.



  1. Single-strand noodle

Single-strand noodle is one of the famous noodles in Shanxi. The color is white, and the taste is chewy and spongy. Because the number of noodles is only one, it is called single-strand noodle.



  1. Bao-Pi noodles

According to legend, a mother-in-law in the ancient Jin Dynasty often pose difficult problems to her daughter-in-law. One day, she asked her to make noodles with wheat flour and bean flour, but not blend this two flours together beforehand. She required that the ready-made noodles have a taste of two flours. This clever wife was not stumped by her mother-in-law’s problems and made this noodles.



  1. Qia Ge Da

Qia Ge Da is a traditional noodle in the northwestern region. The main method is to make the wheat noodles as thick slices of two or three fingers and twenty or thirty centimeters long by the left hand holds the dough, and the right thumb and the index finger working together, and then put the thick slices into the boiling pot,.



  1. He Le Mian

He Le Mian is one of the traditional noodles in northern China, among which the earliest one is in the Southwest of Shanxi.



  1. Braised Noodles

It is a traditional noodle in central and northern China. The main ingredients are flour, cabbage, beans and pork.

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  1. Naked oats Noodles

Naked oats Noodles is made by placing the dough on the chopping board and twisting it into a fish-like strip. It is a kind of classic noodles in Shanxi, especially in the area of Zhangzhou, where the people entertain their guests with this dish.



  1. Tri-Prism Noodle

Tri-Prism Noodle is a must in Shanxi and a traditional noodle in Shanxi. The knife for cutting the noodles is specially made.



In Shanxi, the diversities of noodles can be cooked in various methods and even the same noodles can be cooked in various methods. And the people in Shanxi are proud of their craftsmanship of making noodles and the culture of noodles.

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