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Top 12 Must-see Documentaries About China

If you want to know the history, human geography, and cultural deposits more real, documentaries might be a soothing choice. And if you are interested in Chinese very much, you can take a look at these list of excellent documentaries about China.


  1. Wild China 美丽中国

Wild China is a six-part nature documentary series on the natural history of China, co-produced by the BBC Natural History Unit and China Central Television (CCTV).


  1. A Bite of China 舌尖上的中国

A Bite of China is a Chinese documentary television series directed by Chen Xiaoqing, narrated by Li Lihong with original music composed by Roc Chen. It introduced the history and story behind foods of various kinds in more than 60 locations in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


  1. The Rise of the Great Powers 大国崛起

The Rise of the Great Powers is a 12-part Chinese documentary television series produced by CCTV. It discusses the rise of nine great powers: Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Russia (Soviet Union), and the United States.


  1. Daming Palace 大明宫

Da Ming Palace is the biggest ever royal palace in the history of human archaeology, with a building area 3.5 times that of the Forbidden City. This film tells the stories of the rise and fall of Da Ming Palace in glorious Tang dynasty through fantastic visionary effect, and tries to find out the pride and honorable days and the true value of the great Tang dynasty.


  1. Nanking 南京

Nanking is a 2007 documentary film about the Nanking Massacre, committed in 1937 by the Japanese army in the former capital city Nanjing, China. The film draws on letters and diaries from the era as well as archive footage and interviews with surviving victims and perpetrators of the massacre.

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  1. Masters in Forbidden City 我在故宫修文物

“Masters in the Forbidden City” is originally a three-episode TV documentary broadcast in 2015 on China Central Television.


  1. Once Upon a Bite 风味人间

Once Upon a Bite, a new 50-minute eight-episode food documentary series on air in China focusing on areas where “East meets West” on the dining scene and delves into the rise and changes in Chinese cuisines worldwide. This documentary is directed by Xiaoqing CHEN, director of popular documentary series “A Bite of China”.


  1. Aerial China 航拍中国

Aerial China, as a large-scale aerial documentary series overlooking China from the aerial perspective, consists of 34 episodes which involve 23 provinces, five autonomous regions, four municipalities and two special administrative regions. This kind of unprecedented air journey provides a rare opportunity to overlook today’s China from a new angle.


  1. Hexi Corridor 河西走廊

The documentary tells the story of Hexi Corridor, a historical route in Gansu province linking Northwest China and Central Asia which dates back to Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-24 AD). Narrated chronologically, it describes the important role that the Hexi Corridor has played in boosting Chinese social development from political, military, diplomatic, and economic aspects. It was co-produced by the Gansu Provincial Publicity Department and China Central Television’s science and education channel, CCTV 10.

  1. The Forbidden City 故宫

One of the most popular TV series in China in 2005, this 12 episodes of documentary introduces the glamorous Forbidden City, also known as the Imperial Palace Museum or Gugong. This series introduces the architecture of different chambers of the palace, the imperial collections of arts, crafts, jewelry, and the stories of people who lived there.

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  1. The pillars of a great power 大国重器

The eight-episode documentary “The Pillars of a Great Power”, which took more than one and a half years to showcase the great strides China has made in the equipment manufacturing industry, The documentary cast became well-known for their earlier work Amazing China. This time, they have traversed many places in China and recorded stories of more than 60 essential pieces of equipment for China’s manufacturing industry.


  1. Dunhuang 敦煌

Dun Huang is a full-length documentary about the Chinese city of Dunhuang that was released by CCTV in 2010, and directed by Zhou Bing. It mainly introduced the art and history of Dunhuang.


So, are these documentaries to your tastes and expectations? What kind of documentaries interest you. Please leave you comments below.

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