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Top 12 Must-go Beautiful Bamboo Seas in China

I believe that everyone who has seen the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “House of Flying Daggers” will be impressed by the scene of the “the fight in Bamboo Sea “. Where are the lush and beautiful bamboo sea in these two movies? What are the beautiful bamboo seas in China? Today, I will take you to see 12 must-go bamboo seas in China.


  1. Shunan Bamboo Sea

Shunan Bamboo Sea is the world’s largest natural bamboo forest scenic spot. It is the only bamboo culture and bamboo ecological leisure holiday destination in China that integrates bamboo landscape, landscape, lake, waterfall and ancient temple.

Famous Landscapes: Emerald Gallery, Xianyu Cave, Tianbao Stockaded Village, The Ink Stream, Bamboo Sea Museum, Guanyun Pavilion, Emperor Temple, Rainbow Waterfall, Longyin Temple, Qinglong Lake.



  1. Anji Bamboo Sea

Anji Bamboo Sea is the most famous large Mao bamboo demonstration base in Zhejiang Province. It enjoys the high reputation of “China’s bamboo to see Zhejiang, Zhejiang bamboo to see Anji, and Anji Maozhu to look at the Gangkou”.

Famous Landscapes: Big Bamboo Sea, Five Woman Spring



  1. Xianning Bamboo Sea

Xianning Bamboo Sea, also known as the Star Bamboo Sea, is now divided into five major scenic spots: Wanxiangyuan, Mini Garden, Liufang Garden, Lover Island and Shilong Scenic Area. The main scenic spots such as Cuizhu Pavilion, Guanzhutai, Middle-Mountain Spring, Tianshen Cave, Ancient Forest, Caixian Cliff are all scattered.



  1. Chishui Bamboo Sea

The Chishui Bamboo Sea is dominated by the vast “Bamboo Sea” scenery, and phyllostachys pubescens are everywhere. In 2016, it was selected as the list of the “China Forest Oxygen Bar”. There are strange natural landscapes such as “Scorpio”, “Ground Waterfall”, “Eight Immortal Tree” and “Couple Tree”.

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  1. Yixing Bamboo Sea

Yixing Bamboo sea stretches over three provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. It is known as the “first bamboo sea in East China” and is a representative scenic spot of Chinese bamboo scenery, bamboo style and bamboo culture. The main attractions are “Taihu First Source”, “First Peak in South Jiangsu”, “A Family Letter Reports Peace”, “Mirror Lake”, “Suoqiao Lingbo”, “Bamboo Sea and Waterfall”,“ Emerald Gallery”, “Plank Road along the Cliff.”



  1. Nanshan Bamboo Sea

With the theme of bamboo culture and long-lived culture, Nanshan Bamboo Sea is surrounded by tens thousands of acres of bamboo. It is known as the “Heavenly Nanshan Mountain, Dreamy Bamboo Sea”.



  1. Chashan Bamboo Sea

There are six bamboo seas of considerable size in Chashan Bamboo Sea, namely Rhinoceros Bamboo Sea, Golden Pot Bamboo Sea, Fan Bay Bamboo Sea, Baiyun Bay Bamboo Sea, Dalanya Bamboo Sea and Jiulong Bamboo Sea. The main scenic spots of Chashan Bamboo Sea include Guishan Tea Garden, Qinglong Tea Garden and other three large tea gardens. There are also Zhu Delou, Tianbazi Ancient Tomb, Palace of the Underworld and Bodaoling.



  1. Mukeng Bamboo Sea

Mukeng Bamboo Sea, also known as the Grand Bamboo Sea of South Anhui. It is called “Dream Valley” by the artists and is called “the valley of lovers of the emerald” by young people. There are also clouds and sea views similar to Huangshan.



  1. Guangning Bamboo Sea

Zhaoqing, Guangning is one of the top ten bamboo towns in China. Guangning Bamboo Sea is the largest bamboo forest in China. There are 10,000 mu of bamboo sea “air vitamin” sucking area and “bamboo forest essence fumigation area”, featuring ethnic bamboo village, bamboo forest tea pot, bamboo ecological park, bamboo water cart, bamboo jeep and so on.

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  1. Shuangxi Bamboo Sea

Shungxi Bamboo Sea is famous for its clean water, large water drop and large number of bamboo. At the same time, Shuangxi rafting is known as the “The first drift in the south of the Yangtze River”.



  1. Cailun Bamboo Sea

Cai Lun Bamboo Sea is the largest bamboo sea in China, and has the reputation of “Asian Big Bamboo Sea” and “Natural Oxygen Bar”. It is a complex tourist scenic spot integrating sightseeing, leisure, adventure and treasure hunt. The scenic area has natural landscapes such as bamboo forests, fountains, stone forests, fish fossils, crystal stone treasures and caves. Cai Lun Zhuhai has the world’s first natural fountain, the only Shangbao crystal mine in the world and the ancient fish fossils of the ages.



  1. Three Gorges Bamboo Sea

The Three Gorges Bamboo Sea is known as the “natural oxygen bar in the Three Gorges area”. It is a natural landscape that integrates mountains, water, bamboo, trees, caves and waterfalls.



So, are you interested in taking a walk in these bamboo forests? In addition to feeling the profound bamboo culture, you can also see all kinds of natural landscapes.

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