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Top 12 Anticipated ChineseTV Series in 2019

In the year of 2018, “Story of Yanxi Palace” and “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palance” became popular at home and abroad. Now, entering into the year of 2019, are there any anticipated dramas for watching?


  1. The Story of Minglan

The Story of Minglan is an upcoming 2019 Chinese television series adapted from the novel “Don’t you know? The green should be plump and the red lean by Guanxin Zeluan”. It stars Zhao Liying, Feng Shaofeng and Zhu Yilong.


  1. The Love of Hypnosis

The Love of Hypnosis is a 2019 Chinese television series based on the eponymous manhua “Nan Yanzhai Bilu” by Ke Xiaosha and Zuo Xiaoling. It stars Liu Yifei and Jing Boran.

  1. Qing Yu Nian

Qing Yu Nian is an upcoming drama adaptation based on a novel by Mao Ni. The cast is led by Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin, Chen Daoming, Wu Gang, Xin Zhilei and Song Yi.

  1. Under the Power

Under the Power is a 50-episode Chinese drama based on a novel by Lan Se Shi. It revolves around the jinyiwei, an organization that goes by many names as the Ming Dynasty secret police, the broacade-clad guards and the embroidered uniform guards. Sometimes portrayed as good or evil, it seems fitting that Allen Ren Jialun plays the cold and ruthless hero to Tan Songyun’s bubbly heroine.


  1. The Fated General

The Fated General is an upcoming Chinese television series based on the life of Huo Qubing, a military general who lived during the Western Han dynasty. It stars Zhang Ruoyun as the main character.

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6. Empress of the Ming

Empress of the Ming is an upcoming Chinese historical television series starring Tang Wei, Zhu Yawen, Deng Jiajia, Qiao Zhenyu, Lay Zhang, Yu Haoming, Sun Xiaoxiao and Wu Yue. The television series is adapted from the Mandarin novel “The Chronicle of the Six Eras” by Lianjing Zhuyi.

  1. The Golden Eyes

The Golden Eyes is an upcoming Chinese drama television series starring Lay Zhang, Wang Zixuan and Wang Yuexin. The television series is based on the novel of the same name written by Chinese author Dayan. It will be aired on Hunan Television on January 16, 2019.

  1. Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang’an

Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang’an is an upcoming Chinese television series that chronicles the Reign of Zhenguan in the Tang Dynasty. Produced by H&R Century Pictures and Star Union Skykee Entertainment and directed by Lian Yiming, the series stars Zhang Hanyu, Qin Junjie, Li Xuejian, Shu Chang, Han Dong and Helen Yao in the leading roles.

  1. Queen Dugu

Queen Dugu is an upcoming Chinese television series starring Joe Chen and Chen Xiao. It is about the love story between Dugu Qieluo and Yang Jian, and how they work together to establish the Sui Dynasty.

  1. Poetry of the Song Dynasty

Director Li Shaohong, best known for Palace of Desires and Dream of Red Mansions 2010, has a new female-centric historical drama Poetry of the Song Dynasty in the works, and has cast Liu Tao as empress Liu E. She is depicted as a jealous concubine who swapped the emperor’s son for a commoner’s baby in folk legend Civet Cat Exchanged for Crown Prince.

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  1. Novoland: Eagle Flag

Novoland: Eagle Flag is an upcoming ancient fantasy drama that will chronicle the rise of a generation of young heroes, and has confirmed Liu Haoran, Chen Ruoxuan and Song Zu’ern as leads.

  1. The Longest Day in Chang’An

The 60-episode action thriller drama is adapted from a novel of the same name written by Ma Bo Yong. TFBoys member Jackson Yi Yang Qian Xi plays the role of Li Mi, the head of Chang’an’s anti-terror bureau. Lei Jia Yin acts as Zhang Xiao Jing, a constable-turned-prisoner who helps Li Mi in a case.

With the flourishing development of China’s TV industry, more and more Chinese dramas are popular among foreign peoples. So are you interested in these dramas?

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