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Top 10 Records Bruce Lee Made

Bruce Lee, everyone knows him, he was the greatest martial artist ever. Even for now no one can surpass what he had achieved. Here is the Top 10 records that he made when he was alive.


Top1: The most powerful punch

The most powerful punch he once hit was 400 pounds, it is the same pound with what Muhammad Ali did. But Bruce Lee weighted 135 pounds, and Muhammad Ali was 260 pounds, almost twice than Bruch Lee.

JHOON-GOO-RHEE, The Father of American Taekwondo, once said that his punch was fast and effective, anyone who gets his punch will be knock out.

Top2: The fastest punch

It only took One-ninth of a second for him to deliver a punch, George Dillman once commented that Bruce Lee was 4 times faster than him.

Top3: The most powerful one-inch punch

If you know how to do a one-inch punch, you’ll know how hard to deliver a powerful one. But Bruce Lee could deliver an insane huge power from a single inch away within such a short time. Here we can see the Video below, see how he did it and how powerful it was.


Top4: One-thumb push-ups

He was able to do push-ups with one-thumb for 8 times, and two thumbs for 12 times.

Bruce Lee went to Ed parker’s events in Long Beach, people treated him like he was a god, when he did his one-thumb push-ups, you could hear a pin drop.

Top5: The most powerful finger force

He could easily penetrate an unopened coca-cola can and condensed milk can. To do this, it requires fast, accurate and powerful force. Bruce Lee had them all.

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Top6:The incredible arm

The could take a 75 Ponds barbell, it might doesn’t sound like a lot weight, but he put it to his chest and stretch his arm slowly, then hold it for 20 seconds. Most people can’t even do 50 ponds.

Top7:The side-kick on bag

He was able to kick the sand punching bags which weights 198 ponds up to 2.2 meters.

Top8:Breaking 5 one-inch boards in the air with side-kick

Without the support of two hands, To break the board in the air, you need the enough speed to do that. Just like a bullet goes through something.

Top9:The jump kick

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is 7.15 inches tall weighed was in the movie “Game of Death” with Bruce Lee. And they had a fight scene, Bruce Lee was able to kick up 7.2 inches high to hit Jabbar in the head.

Top10: The side-kick on body

One of his classic action is the jump side-kick, the force was enough to push a guy with armor who weights 200 pounds to 20 inches away. And the force was estimated to be at least 1500 pounds. Bruce Lee was a legend of the century, most people know him as a Hollywood actor. But he was also the greatest martial artist in the mankind.

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