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Top 10 Popular Bizarre Pets in China

Today we are going to be talking about the top 10 crazy pets sold in China. there are some pretty crazy and bizarre pets in China and people are actually having them as pets.


Top 10: Panda dog       


Despite their appearance, these dogs are not some new bizarre breed. They are actually Chows that have undergone a cosmetic makeover. Pet shops all over China have been selling out of these Panda dogs and people don’t mind paying the extra money. These dogs actually require a lot of up keep because the colouring only lasts for about 6 weeks. So if you want your panda dog to continue looking like a panda, then you need to put in the money.

Top 9: Short-tailed chinchilla


Chinchillas have actually become quite popular in China as pets. We can see the appeal, they are pretty cute little creatures. they sort of remind me of squirrels. They are apparently easy to look after and cheap to buy.


Top 8: Raccoon


raccoons in Toronto are considered annoying and a nuisance. They are always digging into your garbage and they break into your garage. Well, for some people in China, they consider raccoons to be their pets. This is definitely a non-traditional type of pet and I can sort of see the appeal. They are really cute but I feel like your garbage would always be scattered around your house and they would just get into everything you own.

Top 7: Horned frog


These creatures are usually found in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay but for some reason they are being sold in China as pets. This frog is very popular in China because it looks like the computer game character Pac-Man. I think frogs would be cool pets until you need to feed them insects and flies.

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Top 6: Rhesus monkey


Unfortunately, this species is being hunted and sold on the black market after a mini pet monkey became a viral hit online. A lot of young people in China want to own this pet because they are unique and exotic however there are a lot of laws in China that actually make it illegal for people to own this species as a pet.


Top 5: Live turtle key rings


These turtles are usually Brazilian turtles that are enclosed inside of a small plastic bag that is supposedly filled with a nutrient rich liquid. This liquid is supposed to be able to feed the turtle for up to three-four months. But how does the poor turtle get oxygen? These “pets” have raised a lot of controversy in China, because they are being considered to be a form of animal abuse.


Top 4: Alligator snapping turtle


Again, what is the appeal with having pets that can bite off one of your limbs? I’ll tell you why it’s not a good idea to have one of these turtles as a pet. These things can grow to be 200 pounds and they are aggressive carnivores. They aren’t cuddly and they can live to be between 80 and 120 years old. I don’t think your grandkids are going to be trilled about having to take care of one of these things.


Top 3: Sugar glider flies


These cute little guys are normally found in the forests of Australia, Indonesia and New Guinea but they have become so popular over in China because they are so small and adorable. They only cost about $600 so that isn’t even that expensive for being considered an exotic pet. They like to eat things that are sweet, especially fruit and vegetables and they like to keep themselves very clean.

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Top 2: Fennec fox


This animal became very popular after it was featured as a character in Disney’s movie Zootopia. These cute animals can set you back about $2000-3000 but despite their price, they are extremely popular in China.


Top 1:  Saltwater crocodile


I’m not sure why you would want to own a pet that has the potential to bite off you hand but for this guy, he loves crocodiles. When this crocodile is fully grown, it can reach up to six meters.

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