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Top 10 Outstanding Chinese Female Dancers

Dance has been very popular since ancient times, and it is very important in rituals, etiquette, celebrations and entertainment. Dance not only can exercise, but also give people a visual enjoyment. So do you know who is the most famous female dancer in China?

  1. Tan Yuan Yuan

Her ballet dance is a myth of the ballet world, and her exquisite ballet techniques have alarmed the world. She is the only Chinese who starred in the San Francisco Ballet, one of the three major Ballet in the United States, and the first Asian to participate in the Czech World Star Show in Prague.




  1. Jin Xing

In 1998, Jin Xing established the Shanghai Jinxing Dance, which is the only private modern dance troupe in mainland China. It has performed in China, Korea and Europe, and each place has caused a great ‘Jingxing effect’. In 2004, “Shanghai Tango” toured Europe, caused a great sensation and the European critics gave a very high evaluation, “When our modern dance did not know where to go, a dance artist from the East gave us the direction. “




  1. Liu Yan

Liu Yan, a young Chinese dancer, graduated from the Department of Classical Dance at the Beijing Dance Academy. She is the winner of the “Splendor Award” and the “Best Works Award”. In the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, she is the only A-actor in the solo dance “Silk Road”.




  1. Yang Li Ping

For a long time, Yang Liping, a mysterious dancer who came out of the mountains, was called a “witch”. The pure and feminine dance that Yang Liping danced was a special artistic image and a special spiritual temperament. She is a true artist, creator, practitioner, and truly unique and passionate dancer.

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  1. Tai Lihua

Yan Lihua is a deaf-mute artist. She is deaf but followed the path of art in a unique way. She once performed a thousand-handed Kwanyin at the Spring Festival Gala in 2005, shocking and moving many viewers.




  1. Yin Shuo

Yin Shuo firstly appeared in the CCTV dance competition and won the silver medal trophy with a solo dance. Later, at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, she performed the dance as a substitute because Liu Yan was injured and stunned many viewers.

  1. Shen Pei Yi

Shen Peiyi has a comprehensive theoretical knowledge of dance art and outstanding performance skills. He is very proficient in the vocabulary of Chinese classical dance and Chinese folk dance and is free to use. The dance characters created by Shen Peiyi are subtle and profound, noble-minded and strong-willed.




  1. Hou Hong Lan

She was the sole solo dancer of the Chinese Ballet. After becoming the lead guest star of the French Rhine Ballet, Hou Honglan changed his classical style and began to try modern dance style.




  1. Meng Yifan

Meng Yifan is a pole dancing coach and a famous pole dancer in China. She has arranged many original dances and is known as the “the symbol of Chinese pole dancing”. She also oarded the stage of the pole dancing world championship and won the award.



  1. Wen Kexin

Wen Kexin was praised by the domestic and foreign news media as the first person of Chinese belly dance and the queen of Chinese belly dance. She was the first person to introduce belly dance to China and once won two championships in the World Belly Dance Competition in Egypt. She found the first belly dance fitness club in China.

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Body language is the second expression of human beings, and dance is the most beautiful interpretation of it. These excellent dancers use their exquisite dance skills to bring the visual beauty experience to the audience, and clearly convey the love and sincerity for dance to the audience.


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