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Top 10 Most Popular Tree Houses in China

I believe that the tree house is a dream of many people. It is built on a tree and integrated with the forest to create a magnificent dream. There are also many beautiful tree houses hidden in China. Today we will take a look at the 10 most popular tree housesin China.


  1. Yunzhong Tribe resort, Changzhou, Jiangsu

If you want to find the tree house that is closest to the fairy tale world in reality, it is right to choose here! The designer actually restored the scene that was only seen in the cartoon, and the interior of the room was very dreamy.



  1. ZYJ Treehouse Land, Huangshan

German treehouse design masters participated in the design, there are 16 Nordic tree houses, more than 20 parent-child activities for you to play!



  1. Yunfeng Treehouse, Beijing

There are 21 fairy tale theme tree houses here. You can enjoy the lavender flowers in the summer and the maples in the late autumn!



  1. Twinkle Valley, Dujiangyan

There are 27 constellation theme tree houses here. You can get in touch with a variety of small animals and ride horses and ziplines in an adventure park.




  1. Pu’er Kaiyuan Red Panda Garden

Here is the real version of “Crazy Animal City” with 70 forested single tree houses. 360° floor-to-ceiling windows let you 100% enjoy the scenery of the forest!



  1. Suzhou Jiushu.Forest Resort

There are 225 lakeside tree houses with an amazing forest coverage of over 99%. You can fish in the hotel, rent hammocks and tents, which enable you to experience all that Field Trip has to do.

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  1. Meijie Mountain Hotspring Resort, liyang

There are 31 single-family treehouse villas where you can enjoy the hot springs and enjoy the mountain views, hiking, fishing, cycling, picking and more. There are also many interesting projects to experience in the farms of the country park.



  1. Linjia Campground

Linjia Campground is the closest treehouse hotel to Shanghai Disneyland. In addition to the novel G-BOX tree house rooms, it also offers imported RV rooms and tent camping. It is a good place to experience different accommodation forms.



  1. Naked Stables in Moganshan (Luxury Resort)

There are 121 mountain detached villas and earthen huts, private horse farms, white tea gardens and other exclusive activity areas! Naked Heart Valley integrates Africa’s wild style, emphasizing the original ecological concept, and full of fun. The treehouse hotel offers a wide range of activities such as horse riding courses, mountain climbing, tea picking, painting and fishing for different ages. There are also art works such as knead clay, make bamboo art and so on.



  1. Senlin Xiangju Holiday Hotel

Senlin Xiangju Holiday Hotel has the reputation of “small Tibet in the suburbs of Beijing”. Twenty-one European chalet villas are scattered among the 10,000 acres of pristine pine forest on this mountain cliff. At the same time, there are many beautiful alpine terraces scattered around here.



After reading these 10 beautiful tree houses, are you too eager to live in the “tree”?

Updated: April 13, 2019 — 4:46 AM

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