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Top 10 Most Famous Chinese Cigarette Brands

Many people may know some cigarettes brands, but they don’t know much about Chinese cigarette brands. There are so many kinds of cigarette products on the market, so it is very troublesome to choose. This article summarizes the top ten cigarette brands of 2018 Chinese cigarettes, providing an accurate reference for smokers to purchase. Let’s take a look at the 2018 China Top 10 Famous Smoke List.



China is a famous high-grade flue-cured tobacco in our country. It was first born in 1951. During these decades of development, CHUNGHWA has become special tobacco for the national sector, and it is also a national gift for foreign friends. The meaning. CHUNGHWA is now a representative product of the Chinese cigarette industry. It is widely sold all over the world and can be seen in nearly 40 countries.


Top2: Hongtashan

Hongtashan was a tobacco factory founded in 1956. It was originally a small-scale tobacco factory. Now it has developed into the largest enterprise in the country. It is also listed as the world’s leading multinational tobacco group. The development history of national enterprises. Hongta has always been adhering to the concept of innovation and is committed to bringing the most valuable products to consumers.


In China’s top 10 famous cigarette rankings, Yunyan was founded by Hongyun Group Kunming Cigarette Factory, and the time was in the Great Leap Forward in 1958. This the name of Yunyan is the use of the famous Chinese calligrapher Wang Xizhi, the word “cloud smoke”, which has a very significant significance. It combines the aroma of ancient Chinese books with cigarettes to make it more upscale.

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Pride is a strategic product created by the 10th anniversary of its factory. It is developed and produced by Chengdu Cigarette Factory. It is known as an icon of Chengdu and one of the most valuable brands in China. Founded in 1952, Chengdu Cigarette Factory is the largest cigarette company in Sichuan Province. It produces 922,000 boxes of cigarettes per year and is still developing continuously, and is committed to becoming the largest cigarette company in China.


Top5: Cotton rose king, or Furong Wang

Furong Wang was established by Changde Cigarette Factory. Since its establishment in 1951, the products have been sold well in various places in the country and won numerous medals and titles. Today, Furong Wang is already a state-owned large enterprise. The annual turnover is as high as 22.9 billion yuan. The number of employees in the whole country is close to 2,700, which is a national-level cigarette brand.



In China’s top 10 famous cigarette rankings, Honghe is established by Yunnan Hongyun Honghe Group. It took a total of three years from preparation to trial production to production. The official single-brand production began in 1993. There are about 13 varieties of Honghe, from Red River V6 to Fine 99 and then a series of products such as 88, Grade A, etc., which can meet the needs of various people.



Liqun is manufactured by Zhejiang China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd., which is known as one of China’s top ten famous cigarettes. Zhejiang China Tobacco Industry was established in 2007. It was established by Zhejiang Tobacco Industry and Commerce. Later, it created many excellent products based on its own efforts and advantages. In August 2016, it was rated as a Chinese state-owned enterprise. The top 500 companies ranked 178 among them.

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Baisha is developed by Hunan Zhongyan Industry Co., Ltd. of Hunan Province. It was established in 1957 and has set different grades from light to dark. It is also divided into soft Baisha and box Baisha. And the boutique generation, the second generation, the soft boutique Baisha; the high-end series has red and brand, purple and brand, treasure Baisha and so on.



Among the top ten famous cigarettes in China, Jinlong is a cigarette brand owned by Wuhan Tobacco Group. Its product was originally founded in the 1930s and belongs to the type of card label. The predecessor of Wuhan Tobacco Group was Nanyang Tobacco Company. Later, with the gradual expansion of the company, it has become China’s most famous and valued national enterprise and the oldest tobacco enterprise in China.


Top10: Wuye Shen

Wuye Shen is a tobacco company established in 1999 and its headquarters is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Up to now, Wuye Shen has been innovating and reforming with its own green and has produced many special products. Its cumulative sales of tobacco reached 23 billion yuan, creating countless myths, which is the quality guarantee of Chinese people.        

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