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Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in China

There are lots of dangerous roads all over the world, China is no exception and this list includes the top 10 most dangerous roads in China, each road in list has its own danger, if you want to drive and travel to China just right. You should learn the Chinese top 10 dangerous roads.


Death Road

This dangerous road locates at G308 572km-573km in XinHe, which called “The Death Road”. It is one of the most famous dangerous road in China as the most dangerous. The record are 5 accidents in a day and 32 accidents half a year.


Devil Zone

This road locates at G320 in Pingxiang Shi, which called “The Devil Zone”. The devil road is only less than 1 km, but it is really full of danger, you can learn the risk from the picture.


Tian Men Shan Big Gate Road

This road located in the Tianmen Mountain National Park, in northwestern Hunan Province, China. Tian Men Shan Big Gate Road is 11 km long from the bottom to the top and this construction of the road has took over eight years.


Sichuan-Tibet Highway

Sichuan-Tibet highway is a road full of beauty, which is also filled with danger. Because of the high elevation, this road is


Guoliang Tunnel

Guoliang Tunnel is about 1.2 km long, 5 metres(16 ft) tall and 4 metres(13 ft) wide, which located high in the Taihang Mountains of the Henan Province, China. It is one of the most famous tunnel roads in China as well as in the world.

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Over-Water Highway

This dangerous road is also one of the most scenic highways all over the world. This road is about 4.4 km which has been constructed above a river that runs through picturesque mountains to avoid cutting through the woods.


Ayi La

Ayi La located at a high mountain with the elevation of 5’387m above the sea level in Tibet, China. It is one of the highest mountain roads in the world.


Road to Heaven

Located in south-western China, this road is named by its cliff-side motorway full of hairpin turns and steep bends. There are sheer drops virtually along the entire route and enough hairpins to make a whirling dervish dizzy.


Old Kunyi Road

The Old Kunyi Road is one of the most hot self-driving tour as well as most challenging drives in China.It has 26 harpin turns in just over 2.1 km long. This road is one of famous hairpinned roads in China.


Zhongnanshan Tunnel

The Zhongnanshan Tunnel is one of the longest tunnels all over the world and it is an important part of the road network between Xi’an and Ankang which located in Shanxi Province.


So there you go, top 10 most dangerous roads in China. Have we missed any nasty ones? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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