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Top 10 Hot Springs in China

Hot springs have always been the favorite place of physiotherapy and treating illnesses for Chinese people, and they are also a good place for leisure and entertainment. So, what are the famous hot springs in China? Below, I will introduce you to the famous top ten hot springs in China.


  1. Tangshan Hot Spring

Located in Nanjing, Tangshan Hot Spring is the world’s leading hot-spring sanitariums in world. It is the first of the four hot-spring sanitariums in China and is the first hot spring in China to receive international certification of European and Japanese hot spring water quality. Tangshan Hot Spring has a history of more than 1,500 years and contains more than 30 kinds of minerals and trace elements which has a remarkable effect on various diseases such as skin diseases, arthritis, rheumatism and hypertension.



  1. Luoji Hot Spring, Sichuan

It is located in Xichang City, the capital of Liangshan Prefecture. It is the core scenic spot of Luoji Mountain. In 2013, the hot spring was recognized by the World Record Association as the world’s largest hot spring fabric, the world’s only hot spring island and the only cliff hot spring in the world. It was reported by CCTV as “the most beautiful hot spring in the world and was also rated as the most beautiful hot spring in China by institutions such as China National Tourism.



  1. Zhongshan, Guangdong

Zhongshan Hot Spring is located in Sanxiang Town, Zhongshan City. It is a complex tourist resort consisting of star hotels, natural hot springs, golf courses and Luo Sanmei Mountain. Zhongshan Hot Spring is a rare hot spring in Lingnan. It is rich in chlorine, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals, which has obvious curative effects on hypertension, arthritis, diabetes and gastrointestinal diseases.

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  1. Zhuhai Imperial Hot Spring

Zhuhai Imperial Hot Spring is the first Japanese open-air hot spring in China. It integrates hot spring soup, health care, boarding services, leisure and entertainment services. There have dozens of hot spring pools and complete health care facilities and health care programs.



  1. Fujian Jintangwan International Hot Springs

Fujiang Jintangwan International Hot Spring has a variety of rooms and spa villas. The rooms are equipped with modern facilities with classic Minnan architectural style and Balinese decoration style. It has a unique natural high salinity seawater hot spring.



  1. Changbaishan Lanjing Hot Spring

Located in Changbai Mountain, Jilin Province, Changbaishan Lanjing Hot Spring mainly includes Changbai Hot Spring, Tiyun Hot Spring, Fusong Hot Spring, Tung Spring, Changbai Shibadao Hot Spring and Antu Medicinal Spring.



  1. Dalian Anbo Hot Spring

Known as “the best in Asia”, Dalian Anbo Hot Spring contains more than 20 kinds of minerals beneficial to the human body. It has the miraculous effect of strengthening the body and prolonging life. It is a resort area integrating tourism, vacation, business, conference, catering, entertainment, fitness and recuperation.



  1. Beiguo Hot Spring

Beiguo Hot Spring Health and Leisure Base is a comprehensive hot spring health and leisure base integrating hot spring health, water recreation, leisure and fitness, catering and accommodation, and business meetings. The hot spring was once rated as one of China’s top ten hot springs in 2011, and is known as the hometown of Chinese hot springs and the world hot spring health base.

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  1. Baoli International Hot Spring

Baoli International Hot Spring is located in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. It has an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system, calms, eliminates headaches, improves sleep, and balances autonomic nerves. It is a great place for leisure, vacation, travel and recuperation.



  1. Ninghai Forest Hot Spring

Ninghai Forest Hot Spring is rich in more than 20 kinds of minerals and trace elements beneficial to human body such as strontium, lithium and fluorine. It is one of the three famous hot springs in China.



So, which hot spring have you been to? And which one do you want to go to most?

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