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Top 10 Handsome Chinese Actors in 2018

Speaking of the stars of the entertainment circle, it is always couldn’t avoid discussing their appearance. Today we will take a look at some of the most handsome actors in China.

  1. Hu Ge

  • Chinese actor and singer
  • 1982,09,20
  • Representative works: Chinese Paladin; The Little Fairy; Chinese Paladin 3; The Myth; Nirvana in Fire; The Disguiser



  1. Li Yifeng

  • Chinese actor and singer
  • 1987,05,04
  • Famous Works: Mr. Six; Animal World; Guilty of Mind; Swords of Legends; Legend of Fragrance; Noble Aspirations; Sparrow


  1. Jin Boran

  • Chinese actor and singer
  • 1989,04,19
  • Representative works:The Love of Hypnosis; Monster Hunt; Hot Summer Days; The Bullet Vanishes; Lost and Love; Us and Them



  1. Yang Yang

  • Chinese actor
  • 1991,09,09
  • Representative works: The Dream of Red Mansions; Love O2O; The Lost Tomb



  1. Deng Lun

  • Chinese actor
  • 1992,10,21
  • Famous Works: White Deer Plain; Princess Agents; Ashes of Love



  1. Zhu Yilong

  • Chinese Actor
  • 1988,04,16
  • Well-known works: The Legend of Mi Yue; Guardian; The Story of Minglan



  1. Zhang Yi xing

  • Chinese singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor
  • 1991,10,07
  • Famous works: The Island; The Mystic Nine; The Golden Eyes; Empress of the Ming



  1. Lu Han

  • Chinese singer and actor
  • 1990,04,20
  • Representative works: 20 Once Again; Fighter of the Destiny; The Witness; The Great Wall; See You Tomorrow



  1. Chris Wu

  • Chinese-Canadian actor, singer, and model
  • 11.06
  • Six; Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back; So Young 2: Never Gone



  1. Wang Kai

  • Chinese actor
  • 1982,08,18
  • Like a Flowing River; Ode to Joy; Legend of Nine Tails Fox; The Disguiser; Nirvana in Fire; The Devotion of Suspect X; All Quiet in Peking
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So, are there any one that you like best among these above handsome Chinese actors?  And which Chinese actor do you like best ?

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