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Top 10 Featured Delicious Snacks in Liaoning

Originated from the essence of the palace dishes, Liaoning Snacks are famous for careful choice of ingredients, rich in nutrition, exquisite craftsmanship and perfect combination of color, aroma and taste. If you take a tour to Liaoning, you must not miss these 10 featured delicious snacks.


  1. Salted Fish Pancake

Salted fish cakes are traditonal snacks on the northern coast. The fish is salted, dried in the sun, and then fried in a wok, and tasted uniquely with cornmeal. It is not only delicious but also economical.



  1. HaiCheng Pie

HaiCheng Pie is a traditional and delicious snack in Liaoning. It is famous both at home and abroad. Its characterized by thin skin stuffing, tenderness with a crispy crust and fat but not greasy.



  1. Liaobian Dumplings

Laobian Dumplings is a well-known traditional snacks with a history of more than 180 years in Liao Ning. Why it is famous at home and broad is that the selection of materials is exquisite, the production is fine, the shape is unique, the taste is fresh and mellow.



  1. Li Liangui Xunrou Dabing (Li Liangui Bacon and Cake)

Li Liangui Xunrou Dabing is a featured snack in Liaoning. The bacon is cooked with more than 10 kinds of Chinese herbology, and the cake is made with the soup oil of the boiled meat.



  1. Maijia Shaomai

Majia Shaomai is a special snack in Liaoning, which was founded in 1796 by Ma Chun. It has the characteristics of bright skin, gluten, loose stuffing and mellow. It looks like a blossoming peony.

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  1. Fushun Spicy Party

Fushun Spicy Party is a special snack in Liaoning. Its ingredients mainly consist of potatoes, kelp knots, bean skin, meatballs, fish balls, cabbage, broad flour, sage, cabbage, stuffy beans, bean foam, crab sticks, mushrooms, etc.



  1. Gou Bang Zi Smoked Chicken

Gou Bang Zi Smoked Chicken was founded in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. The founder Yin Yucheng encountered the royal chief and then got the secret recipe of smoked chicken. With 16 fine production processes and 30 kinds of selected ingredients, the special cooked soup through four generations, it is favored by the local people and to-and-fro merchants, and is known as the first of the “four famous chickens” in China.



  1. YangJia Diao Lu Bing and and Steamed Egg Custard

YangJia Diao Lu Bing is a traditional snack in Shenyang, Liaoning. It has a distinctive taste when eating with meat, seaweed and steamed egg custard.



  1. Xita Lengmian (West Tower Cold Noodle)

Noodles are pressed on spot, which are full of strain and chewy. Also the special cooked soup is high-flovoer.



  1. Shenyang Huitou

Shenyang Huitou is a halal food by flattening, kneading, thinning, filling, folding the kneaded dough into a rectangular shape and then tightening the two ends. The color is golden and the taste is delicious.



Apart from these featured snacks in Liaoning, the Liaoning cuisine also has a distinctive characteristic. So, it is advisable for you to stay here a few more days and taste all of the specialties and delicacies.

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