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Top 10 Famous Mountains You Should Visit in China

China is famous for its innumerable mountains, if you want to learn more about Chinese Mountains, the top 10 mountains below you should not miss, here Chinausual give you the top 10 famous mountains list in China.



Elevation: 12,966′

Prominence: 12,966′

First ascent: 1898

Mountain range: Yushan Range

Yushan is the highest mountain in Taiwan(3952M) and you need permit if you are the first time to visit Yushan. The process of getting a permit to climb the mountain can be somewhat complicated. But it is really deserved to do that. The path you climb to the summit is full of beauty and hard. It will leave you’re a impressive experience.


Mount Wutai

Elevation: 10,033′

Prominence: 5,843′

Province: Shanxi

Mount Wutai consists of 5 mountain plateaus and is home to beautiful, ancient temples dating back to the Tang dynasty. It is the top one in Chinese Buddhism mountains, which also known by Wutaishan and Mount Qingliang. Wutaishan is a very special place of Manjusri the archetype of pure intelligence. It can bring your spiritual feeling and peace of mind away from busy and skyrocketing towns. If you are a Buddhist, you should not miss mount Wutai at all.


Mount Hua

Elevation: 7,087′

Prominence: 1,083′

Province: Shaanxi

Mountain range: Qinling

Parent range: Qinling

Mount Hua is famous by its danger and this mountain range is unlike the other range you had ever seen before. The geological upthrust is insane. White granit that shoots up nearly vertical creating rock faces that are stunning. Mount hua is the pretty good place for the hiker, because the hiking in Mount Hua is nearly always on rock stairs.

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Mount Song

Elevation: 4,921′

Prominence: 3,934′

Province: Henan

Mount song is known as the central mountain of the Five Great Mountains in China. Which is within the Shaolin Temple scenic area. If you want to learn more about the Chinese Kunfu, the mount song may be great for you because the Chinese Kunfu is originated from Shaolin Temple.

Besides to the Shaolin Temple, the scenery is also beautiful. You can take the cable car to see the amazing scenery and breath taking views.


Mount Heng(衡山)

Highest point: Zhurong Peak

Country: China

Province: Hunan

Type of rock: Granite

Parent range: Hengshan County

Mountains: Zhurong Peak

Mount Heng is the same name to the mountain(恒山) in Shanxi Province. the highest point on mount Heng is Zhurong Peak which is Vulcan land tour information. You can enjoy the snow sight and search for the mysterious Fanguang Temple.



Mount Tai

Elevation: 5,029′

Prominence: 4,938′

Listing: Ultra-prominent peak

Age of rock: Cambrian

Mount Tai is a mountain of historical and cultureal significance which has been regarded as a propitious place. Each season in here has its beauty: bright flowers in full bloom covering the green slopes in spring.

It is not very difficult to reach the top, because you can take a bus as well as cable car. The last climb is only a few hundred steps and it won’t cost you much more energy and time to go to the top. You will feel that you are on the top of the world because of the surrounding lower mountains around Mount Tai.

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Mount Lu

Elevation: 4,836′

UNESCO World Heritage Site inscription: 1996

Location: People’s Republic of China

Mount Lu is one of the most renowned mountains for its beautiful scenery, excellent climate and long history. This mountain is also famous by the ancient poets, the classical poem about Mount Lu is the “The true face of Lushan is lost to my sight, for it is right in this mountain that I reside.”




Elevation: 6,115′

Highest point: Xuelian Feng

Hanyu Pinyin: Huángshān

Listing: Ultra-prominent peak

Huangshan is one of the most famous mountains in China with its grotesque rocks, dramatic pines and seas of clouds. It will take about 5 days to see all the attractions of this mountains. So if you want to visit Huangshan, you should not make any delay, the nature in Huangshan is really beautiful.


Mount Emei

Elevation: 10,167′

Prominence: 3,507′

Province: Sichuan

First ascender: James Qiu

Mountain range: West Sichuan Ranges

Mount Emei is also one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains in China. So there are lots of temples in Emei. You need not visit all the temples in Emei, just plan your journey and have a look at the temples close to your route.

The top of the mountain is really cold. You had better prepare a sweatshirt before you climb to the top. the other tips for your trip is about the monkeys. The monkeys in mountain will grab your bags if you don’t prepare for some aggressive ones.


Paektu Mountain

Elevation: 9,003′

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Prominence: 8,507′

Last eruption: 1903

Mountain range: Baekdudaegan, Changbai Mountains

Paektu Mountain, also named as Baekdu Mountain, is one of the state AAAA level scenic spots. Paektu Mountain is also the Chinese largest nature reserve and it is kept in its natural state for the people of China and visitors from all over the world to enjoy.

This mountain straddles the North Korea-China border and can be reached from China, it may be the most spectacular sight in Chinese North. The air and the lakes are clear. You will also see the beautiful and splendid waterfall.


Here is the totally list above about the mountains in China. There are still some famous mountains which miss in the list. You can make comment about what you think the best mountains in China.

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