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Top 10 Famous Cross-sea Bridge in China

China has strong capabilities of bridge construction. In recent years, many high-quality cross-sea bridges have been built. These projects not only provide convenience for people’s lives, but also is a beautiful landscape themselves.


  1. Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge project has the characteristics of large scale, short construction period, up-to-the-minute technology, less experience, many processes, wide professionalism, high requirements and many difficulties. It is the longest sea-crossing bridge built in the world, in road design, service life and prevention and has high standards for collision and earthquake resistance, flood resistance and wind resistance.



  1. Amoy Bridge

Amoy Bridge is China’s first road bridge across the strait. It consists of three parts: The Takasaki approach road, the cross-sea main bridge and the Jimei interchange.



  1. Jiashao Bridge

Jiashao Bridge is the longest and widest multi-tower cable-stayed bridge in the world. The main bridge is 2,680 meters long and has 5 main passages with a total width of 55.6 meters (including the cable area). The number of towers and the length of the main bridge are ranked first in the world.



  1. Haicang Bridge

Haicang Bridge is located in the middle of Xiamen West Port. It is the first three-span continuous floating steel box girder suspension bridge in Asia and the second in the world. It represents the highest level of China’s bridge construction in the 20th century.



  1. Qing Lan Bridge

The Qinghai Cross-sea Bridge can be resistant to the magnitude 9 earthquake. It is the first sea-crossing bridge in China with the highest level of seismic fortification.

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  1. Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge was rated as the“Best Bridge in the World” by Forbes in September 2011. On June 4, 2013, the 30th International Bridge Conference (IBC) in Pittsburgh, USA awarded the George Richardson Award to Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, which is the highest international award ever won by China’s bridge project.



  1. Pingtan Cross-strait Highway-railway Bridge

Pingtan Cross-strait Highway-railway Bridge is the largest island cross-sea bridge in Fujian, which starts from Xiaoshan, Fucheng City, and crosses the Haitan Strait. It passes through the North Qingyu Island and ends at Pingtan Niang Palace.



  1. The Donghai Bridge(East China Sea Bridge)

The 32.5-kilometer Donghai Bridge is an integral part of the Shanghai International Shipping Center’s deep-water port project and is listed as the “No. 1 Project” by the Shanghai Municipal Government. It is the first truly offshore sea-crossing bridge.



  1. Xinghai Bay Cross-Sea Bridge in Dalian

Xinghai Bay Bridge in Dalian is China’s first offshore anchored suspension bridge. It is the longest cross-sea bridge project in the Northeast, with a total length of about 6 kilometers and a main bridge of 820 meters.



  1. Shantou Bay Bridge

The completion of the Shantou Bay Bridge has created the technology of China’s modern suspension bridge. It is the first modern suspension bridge in China. It has maintained the world record of the first-class in the international level of stiffening beam span.


  1. Zhoushan Cross-sea Bridge

Zhoushan Cross-sea Bridge is the largest and most socially influential transportation infrastructure project in Zhoushan City. It is the world’s largest island-land liaison project. The main bridge Xihoumen Bridge is a two-span continuous steel box girder suspension bridge. It is the world’s largest steel box girder suspension bridge and is the world’s first double-box split steel box girder suspension bridge. It also is one of the world’s most wind-resistant bridge.

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  1. Lianyungang Tianwan Cross-sea Bridge

Lianyungang Tianwan Cross-sea Bridge is the key control project of Lianyungang Haibin Avenue. It is connected to Xujing New District in the south and Gaogong Island in the north. The cross-sea bridge is 4.572 kilometers long and has six lanes in both directions. It is the first cross-sea bridge built and put into operation in Jiangsu Province.



In the past, China had to spend a lot of money to buy from abroad because of the lack of core technology and high-end equipment. However, Chinese engineers eliminated all difficulties and used their wisdom and hands to make a loud reputation for “made in China”.

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