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Top 10 Famous Chengdu Dishes

Chengdu is a sub-provincial city which serves as the capital of Sichuan province, so Chengdu cooking style is pretty much the same like Szechwan cuisine, which is particularly about the pungency and spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic and chili peppers, and the unique Sichuan pepper. Here are the top 10 dishes that represent the culture and life style of the people.


 Top1:Chuan Chuan Xiang


It originated in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and is one of the traditional foods in Sichuan. It is also the representative of simple  food that became wildly spread. It is actually another form of hot pot, so people often call it a small hot pot. Even to a certain extent, Chuan Chuan Xiang has become one of the representatives of Sichuan taste.


Top2: Bo Bo Chicken


This has a hundred-year-old cuisine and is well-known throughout the country. It mainly uses pottery to hold it, so it is called 钵(bo)钵(bo) chicken. 钵 in Chinese it means pottery. The main ingredient is pepper, followed by many other seasonings, the most important one is the chicken without bones.


Top3: Mabo tofu


Mapo tofu is a very Sichuan-style food. It is made with minced meat and simmered with watercress. The pot is added with soy flour, sprinkled with chopped green onion, and a hot, spicy Mapo tofu can be cooked.

Top4:Dan Dan noodle


The Dandan noodles are famous local pasta in Chengdu and Zigong, Sichuan. They are said to have originated from the fact that the vendors are carrying were noodles on the streets. The Dan Dan is made by making the flour into noodles, boiled, and sautéed with minced meat. The noodles are thin, the marinade is crispy, the salty is slightly spicy, the aroma is tangy, and it is very tasty. In 2013, Dan Dan was selected as one of the “Top Ten Famous Noodles in China” by the Ministry of Commerce.

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Top5:Long Chao Shou


Long Chao Shou was initiated in the 1940s, The main features are: thin skin, tender filling, fresh soup. The original soup is made from chicken, duck and several parts of the pig’s body. The original soup is white, thick and fragrant.


Top6: Spicy rabbit head


Special made, it might look creepy. But it tastes good.


Top7: Couple lungs (Sliced beef and ox organs in chili sauce)


There are many famous snacks in Chengdu. The most famous ones are the couple’s lungs. The people who are not from local are very curious. It turns out that husband and wife lung slices are made from beef crust, beef, beef venetian. It tastes tender and fresh.


Top8:Spicy dumpling


In Chengdu, Sichuan everything’s got to do with Spicy, dumplings are not a exception. Dumplings’ skin thin, but stuffy and delicious.

Top9: San Da Pao


San Da Pao is a famous traditional food in Sichuan, mainly made of glutinous rice. It is sweet and delicious, not greasy, non-sticky and it is cheap and good.


Top10: Maocai


It is a special food of Chengdu, which is a dish cooked with Chinese herbs and various seasonings. The price of the dish is low, spicy and delicious.



It is not exaggerate at all to say that it is a food kingdom. Chengdu has a long history and a wide variety. Sichuan cuisine, as one of the eight major cuisines in China, has a very important position in the history of Chinese cooking. It has a variety of dishes, flavors and spicy foods. Fragrance and everything.

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