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Top 10 Exotic Flavors of Xiangxi Food

People in Xiangxi are adept in making various kinds of game, bacon and brawn with firewood and coal. Their cuisine is characterized by sourness and spiciness. Here we compile the top 10 list of Xiangxi food.

  1. Duck Stewed with Duck Blood and Sticky Rice

Duck stewed with duck blood and sticky rice is one of the most distinctive dishes in Xiangxi. It is made by stewing duck meat and xueba made of superior glutinous rice and duck blood with a certain spices.


  1. Fenghuang Ginger Candy

Ginger candy, the speciality in Xiangxi, has a history of more than a hundred years. It tastes crisp, sweet and spicy due to its main ingredients brown sugar, white sugar, ginger, sesame, tea oil and spring.

  1. Fenghuang Pickled Radish

Fenghuang Pickled Radish is really popular among Fenghuang people and every family in Fenghuagn has their own way to pickle radish. A fairly made pickled radish is tasted sweet, a little sour, fragrant and spicy.

  1. Tofu in Pickled Vegetable Soup

Tofu in Pickled Vegetable Soup is a traditional dish of Miao ethnic people. The soup is light yellow and it is more of a “melt in the mouth” taste, which will enhance people’s appetite and good for health.


  1. Pickled Fish in Miao Ethnic Style

It is the traditional famous food which has brought national fame to the Miao ethnic people in Fenghuang County.

It may be taken fried, stirfried, or raw and the taste is unique.

  1. Rice Tufu

It is must-do to taste Rice Tufu while you tour in Furong Ancient Ancien. It is cheaper and very nice.

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  1. Xiangxi bandits Duck

Xiangxi Bandit Duck is a very delicious, popular and traditional food in Xiangxi. The popular dish perhaps has the flesh of the fierce ducks was very fine, smooth and fresh as well as her excellent cooking skills.

  1. Vegetable Tofu

Vegetable Tofu has characteristics such as tender, fresh, soft and deliciously fragrant, and its cost is low, so it is one of the favorite daily main dishes of Miao people in Fenghuang.

  1. Braised chicken with chestnut

Chestnut stewed chicken is a very delicious dish, with a delicious fragrance and unique flavor and is a special feature dish in Xiangxi. The black oil chestnut is a specialty of Xiangxi Prefecture. It is famous for its full grain and rich fruit.

  1. Tuojiang Fish

Tuojiang fish is a kind of wild fish that fishermen have fished from the river every night. It is fresh and delicious and can be imagined. Together with the tomatoes that are used in the phoenix cooking.

Although the materials the people used in Xiangxi for cooking is common and is available for every place, the cuisine has its special tastes and style on account of the unique and own characteristic of Tujia and Miao minority. If you take a tour to xiangxi, you will marvel at their mysterious custom, distinctive clothing and special cuisine that can exite your taste buds.

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