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Top 10 Celebrities Banned from China

considering it’s the most populated country in the world it’s got a hurt business. today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 celebrities banned from China. We’re looking at various celebrities who currently are or have once been reportedly banned from China.


Top 10: Katy Perry


in 2017 Katy Perry was all set to headline the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, but Chinese officials found some dirt on the popular singer before she flew into the country. in one instance, Perry had reportedly held and draped a Taiwanese flag over her body at a concert, as China does not support Taiwanese independence.


Top 9: Martin Scorsese


in 1997, Martin Scorsese released a movie called Kundun which followed the life and beliefs of Tenzin Gyatso, the world-famous Dalai Lama. Due to China’s integration of Tibet. subjects and movies regarding Tibetan independence are strictly forbidden in the country,such was the case with Kundun Chinese officials were incensed that Disney had made the movie and even threatened to ban Disney from their box office market if kundan was released, the company stood their ground which resulted in the ban of both Scorsese and Disney movies. however it didn’t take long for Disney to apologize and make amends with the highly profitable country.


Top 8: Justin Bieber


Bieber’s got a bit of a reputation for being a troublemaker. But who would have thought that it would get him banned from an entire country. Bieber’s various misdemeanors including the infamous drag racing debacle have resulted in his ban from China. He wasn’t really barred for anything specific, it’s more that Chinese officials seemingly just didn’t like his attitude. Beijing’s culture bureau said that quote he has engaged in a series of bad behaviors which caused discontent among the public and in order to purify China from his attitude and negative behavior, they’ve decided to ban the popular artist.

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Top 7: Miley Cyrus


here’s an idea, think before you act and before you post. in 2009 a photograph began circulating that depicted a group of young adults including Miley Cyrus seemingly mocking the appearance of Asians, this caught the attention of Chinese officials who immediately banned her from the country, saying quote miss Cyrus has made it clear she is no friend of China or anyone else of East Asian. They concluded their statement by declaring that they didn’t want to pollute the children of their country with Cyrus’s ignorance. Miley then defended herself saying that she was only making quote a silly face and didn’t intend it to be construed as a racist gesture.


Top 6: Bob Dylan

Apparently the never-ending tour is not without its limitations in 2010 Dylan’s concerts in Beijing and Shanghai were called off which subsequently destroyed his entire Asian tour, the reason for these cancellations Chinese officials were seemingly worried about Dylan status as an icon of the counterculture movement, that movement that was prevalent and popular in the 1960s.while few of considered Dylan a subversive radical for decades. This didn’t seem to matter to Chinese officials who banned him solely based on his reputation. Though some Chinese fans were likely disappointed given the harsh reviews, Dylan’s live performances have been getting in the mid 2010’s.

Top 5: Jay-z

now we can add explicit lyrics to the list of things that can get you banned from China. Jay-z was set to perform at Hong Co stadium in Shanghai in October 2006, but his concert was canceled due to concerns over his inappropriate choice of words in his songs as the Chinese culture ministry declared quote some of jay-z’s songs contain too much vulgar language. we’ve heard of censoring albums, but completely banning artists from performing due to crudeness definitely seems like something else entirely.

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Top 4: Harrison Ford

if there’s one thing the Chinese government doesn’t like, its arguing for Tibetan independence. Harrison Ford began to take an interest in Tibetan and Chinese politics after his then wife Melissa Mathison wrote the screenplay for the same movie that resulted in the ban of both Martin Scorsese and Disney Kundun in 1995. Ford testified before the United States Foreign Relations Committee regarding the human rights violations that were allegedly occurring in China. while also arguing for Tibetan independence. as you can imagine this greatly upset the Chinese government and he was subsequently banned from entering the country.


Top 3: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has really pissed off the Chinese government in 2016, Gaga met with the Dalai Lama to discuss various subjects including yoga and compassion. As the Dalai Lama is considered an enemy to Chinese officials, Gaga’s meeting with the man was immediately condemned her music was subsequently banned from the country, and Gaga was prohibited from appearing on Chinese television and radio. This isn’t the first time her music was banned either in 2011 some of her work was blacklisted for being too vulgar.


Top 2: Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt is yet another a list celebrity who’s been banned from the country stemming from an association with the Dalai Lama , in 1997 Pitt starred his mountaineer Heinrich Herer in the film seven years in Tibet which is about Heinrichs friendship with the spiritual leader. It is extremely controversial in China. As government heavily criticized its association with the Dalai Lama and its negative portrayal of the Chinese. many people from the film’s production including director jean-jacques enou and Brad Pitt were banned from entering China.

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Top 1: Richard Gere

Richard Gere has undoubtedly taken the biggest career hit due to his ban from the country. Gere’s life changed forever on the night of the 1993 Academy Awards. While presenting an award Gere went off-script to protest China’s occupation and control of Tibet and described the quote horrendous human rights situation present in the country. he was then banned from China and his career seemingly took a huge hit, because China is such a massive box office market. studios were suddenly afraid to cast Gere as they believed his presence would offend the Chinese and their movies would not make as much money, despite the setback the Buddhist actor continues to fight for Tibetan independence to this day.


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