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Things You Should Know to Brew Good Tea

People are always saying that loose leaf tea brewing needs to deal with whole leaf tea in a loose form and is inconvenient, so people tend to use mechanisms like tea bag, but that is not a good way to brew your tea and it will diminish the taste. You only need to have some utensils ,and then brewing tea will really easy and convenient.

Tea lovers are around the world will always argue about the best way to brew tea, however there are some key rules that you should follow.


Find good whole leaf tea

Finding a supplier that sources tea from the correct province, and picked in the correct season by very skills ,artisan tea producers, good tea is inexpensive but not cheap. For what it offers, tea is an affordable luxury. Once you have your good quality tea, you are moving on to the brewing stage.


Rinse your tea

Rinsing your tea is not something you have to do for every single tea, for lighter teas It’s not necessary, but for darker teas I would highly recommend it. The reason of that is when you rinse your tea it softens the leaf ,opens the leaf up and prepares it for brewing. This means that your steeping time can be shorter, which means that the tea will become less bitter.


Use the right temperature of water

The right temperature of water is something most people get wrong, one of the key reasons why any tea will become bitter , especially the light teas, light green and white teas, is because the temperature of the water is too hot. So using the proper temperature water is important.

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Give leaves room to infuse

This is why we advise you not to use your tea bags. The more water that surrounds the leaf, the more water can penetrate inside the leaf and release the complex flavors of the leaf.


Don’t Over Brew Your Tea

We saw the recommendation of tea brewing time is 3 to 4 minutes. The reason why we strongly advise against that is the longer time you brew your tea, the more tannins will be extracted from the tea, which will lead to a bitter tea, so you need to brew your tea in a shorter period of time.


Remove tea leaves when finishing brewing

Don’t leave tea leaves in the water to stew. Most people didn’t notice this, longer time you keep the tea in the water, more tannins will be extracted, eventually the tea will be too bitter to drink.

Updated: April 28, 2019 — 1:49 PM

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