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The “Mosts” in Chongqing, China

Chongqing is a major city in southwest China. The official abbreviation of the city, “Yu” (渝). Chongqing, the city of spice and mountain, is now a municipality. Here you can see the incredible night scenes which are better than Hong Kong, and the eye-catching beauties on the street. The hot pot and the hearty cold beer will give you the best experience in China. Here we did a “Mosts list” in Chongqing, hope this guide will give you the best travel experience in Chongqing China.


The Most Artistic

1.Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (Huangfuping section)


Sichuan Fine Arts Institute,a place you couldn’t miss for the artistic vibe. And you may hear from the locals about tank base, (the Modern art center of Chongqing, the mini version of 798 DAD-Dashanzi Art District in Beijing) This is the place that will surprise you everywhere. Every June, the graduation season, students will display their works around, Also there is the Graffiti street, it’s really spectacular to see.


2.The Fang Sou Commune


Fang Sou is an innovative bookstore, selling not only books – drinks, clothes, and creative houseware and gadgets are all available. The store is about 2,400 square meters, and the book area covers 1,500 square meters, covering 140,000 books, with more than 40,000 varieties. Humanities, literature, art, life and other types of high-quality books, also Hong Kong, Taiwan and abroad books can be found here. The collected old books and flowers stacked at the entrance create a steep, tree-lined feeling of the mountain city, and the overall design makes you feel living in the woods.

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The Oldest Place of Chongqing

1.The 18 Steps




The 18 Steps is the most typical street of old Chongqing, years of memories and stories are branded in the old and decayed street, old barber shop, lively small tea house, and the lonely vendors. Old buildings are being removed everywhere here, new buildings are under construction. This is a goodbye to this century and elder Chongqing people’s life-style.


2.XiaHao Street


Walking down the street, you will feel the most typical Chongqing street, people here are in another world. The decay after the bustling, over 100 years’ street, people here are still keeping their lifestyle, all this just makes it more authentic.



The Most Classic

1.Hong Ya Dong


If you have seen the Anime “Spirited Away”, you will definitely be amazed by scenes. Come here at night, you will feel you are in the movie. Hongyadong is based on the style of the “hanging foot” that is the most characteristic of Bayu traditional architecture. It is built on the mountain and built along the cliff. Hang on the street, enjoy the culture and taste the food, this is the place.


2.Ciqikou ancient town



The characteristic ancient street of Chongqing is the Ciqikou Ancient Town, this lively water and land pier, stepping on the bluestone road, tasting local food and snacks, looking for a teahouse to sit and feel the old customs of Chongqing, this is a good choice.


The Most Authentic Chongqing

1.Jiaotong Tea House

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The Tea House was in a Chinese movie scene called “Crazy Stone”, to experience the local life style, brew a cup of tea, sit and chat with your friend afternoon, it is actually really cozy. This tea house has years of history, It’s a real old tea house.


2.Mountain City Footpath



A trail built by the mountains, a place frequented by many locals, you can see the Yangtze River Bridge, the Yangtze River is in front, and the interlaced overpasses, reflecting the geographical features of Chongqing geography. This trail is located on the south slope of the Suizhong Peninsula, from north to south, passing through the Zhongshan Hospital (formerly the Kuomintang government legislation, the court), avoiding crowds of people, and quietly watching the scenery, it is a good line.





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