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The Most Beautiful Border Cities in China

On China’s long and narrow border, there are unparalleled exotic towns and unique Chinese cities with unique Chinese characteristics. If you don’t like crowded hot spots and don’t think about where to go, it’s better to go to these border cities. Go! Experience the exotic customs of neighboring countries without going abroad!


  1. Mohe City

Mohe is a border city under the jurisdiction of the Greater Xing’an Mountains in Heilongjiang Province and is the northernmost county in China. It is the only place in China where you can see the Northern Lights and extremes.



  1. Dandong

Dandong has a beautiful scenery all year round, with mountains and seas, forests and ancient trees, and volcanic hot springs. Boating on the Yalu River, the two countries have a panoramic view, the river is soothing, the trees are lush and the scenery is beautiful. In the winter, you can easily walk across the frozen river and look at the distant North Korea. You can also travel directly from Dandong to North Korea. This is estimated to be the easiest way to go abroad. And Dandong is a city that eats goods. Coastal seafood and Korean cuisine, definitely satisfy your stomach.



  1. Fuyuan

Located at the easternmost tip of China, Fuyuan is located at the junction of the Heilongjiang River and the Wusuli River. It is the first place to welcome the sun into the motherland, so it is known as the “Chinese East Pole” and “the hometown of the sun”. Fuyuan is known as the “Freshwater Fish Capital”. As an important place for fish sales in Fuyuan, Dongji Fish Market has set up a sculpture with the characteristics of “Dongji Fish Market” with local characteristics, and replaced the plaques of merchants with wooden styles for citizens and foreign tourists. As soon as you walk into the fish market, you can feel the strong regional characteristics.

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  1. Manzhouli

As a Sino-Russian border city, Manzhouli has a unique Russian landscape. Hulun Lake is like a sapphire inlaid on the Hulun Buir grassland, making countless people fascinated. The Matryoshka Square in Manzhouli has the largest doll in the world. There are also many goods and buildings with Russian characteristics.



  1. Jamusi

Jiamusi is located in the northeastern part of Heilongjiang, the most eastern side of China. In the autumn season, it has the most tranquil and beautiful hiking route and the river swamp, the distinctive birch forest as well as the colorful colors are taken in everything in a glance.



  1. Erenhot

Erlianhot is one of the dinosaur fossil producing areas and has the reputation of “the land of dinosaurs”.



    7. Ili

Yili is known as “lush southern-type fields north of the Great Wall”, “the Wet Island of Central Asia” and “the Flower City”. Not in Xinjiang, I don’t know how big China is; I don’t know how beautiful Xinjiang is. This is the feeling of every person who has been to Yili.



  1. Kashgar

Kashgar is a border city in the westernmost part of China. It is connected to Tajikistan in the west and Afghanistan and Pakistan in the southwest. The neighboring countries are also Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and India. It is praised by Chinese and foreign tourists as “the Uygur Living Folk Museum” and is the connotation of this famous historical and cultural city in China. It is also the hall of the Uygur landscaping environment, carving and painting art. The Hongqi Lahu Port in Kashgar is China’s only land route to and from Pakistan, and an important gateway to the South Asian subcontinent and even Europe. The scenery here is magnificent, but the environment is bad, so, it is known as the “Death Valley”.

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  1. Purang

Purang is located in the southwest of the Tibet Autonomous Region, in the southern part of the Ali area, on the south side of the Himalayas, and at the junction of China, India and Nepal. Every year, pilgrims from all over the world come to this place, walking all the way to worship with devout faith and infinite hope.



  1. Medog

In the south of the Himalayas, Medog is adjacent to India, meanning “hidden lotus”. The word “Medog” means “flower” in Tibetan.



  1. Tengchong

Tengchong is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, a state of literature and a jade distribution center. It is also a provincial historical and cultural city. Located in the western part of Yunnan Province and bordering Myanmar in the northwest, it is the key point of the ancient Southwest Silk Road and is known as the “the First City of the Extreme Side”. There are the famous Dagunguo, the 100-year-old village on the Silk Road, Shun Ancient Town, and the Gingko Village of Gudong Town, which known as the photography paradise.



  1. Ruili

Located in the western part of Yunnan Province, Ruili is part of the Dehong Dai Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture. It is rich in exotic Mongolian style and beautiful rural scenery is fascinating. Ruili is the largest inland port in southwest China and is an important jewelry distribution center. It is one of the first outstanding tourist cities in China and the first stop for China-Myanmar oil and gas pipelines to enter China. The most beautiful of Ruili is the border and folk customs. The peculiar border landscape of “one yard but possessed by two countries”, “one well of two countries”, “one street of two countries” and “one bridge of two countries” is rare in the world.

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So, have you been to these border cities that some of them you even have not heard of? If you haven’t been there, you might well as go there, I believe that you will be full of surprises.

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