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The Most 20 Popular Milk Tea Store in Changsha

In recent years, milk tea has become an essential drink for more and more people to go out.  A lot of  milk tea  stores have  suddenly appeared in the eyes of the public from this time, and their popularities have  kept very high. I have been in Changsha for four years and have been drinking all kinds of milk tea. Today I would like to recommend to you 20 hot tea shops with high value, personality and good taste in Changsha.


  1. Yi Dian Dian




  1. Nesno




  1. Heekcaa



  1. Coco




  1. The Alley Lujiaoxiang




  1. Cuo Nei Villlage



  1. Happy Lemon


  1. Mamacha


  1. Cha Yan Yue Se



  1. Afu Ice Club




  1. Shu Yi




  1. Gong Cha




  1. Yi Fang




  1. Endless Tea Ceremonny


  1. Guo YaYa



  1. Koi The




  1. Cha Li


  1. SOSO Brand




  1. Timi+




  1. Come Wonka




So, do these milk tea stores make you feel excited? When you are tired of shopping, look for a special tea shop to decorate, order a cup of tea in the store, chat with friends, take a photo, wouldn’t it be beautiful?


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