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The Comparison of Chinese Challenges in 10 Years

Looking back over the past 10 years, China has developed rapidly. When confronted with challenges one after another, we embraced all this challenges and created a string of miracles and future. So Let the world look at China. Now, Let’s review the great challenges that China has taken.


  1. Take-Away Serivice

In 2009, online take-away service began to show signs. Ten years ago, people booked by phone according to the leaflet, and the optional merchants were relatively single. In that year, the “National Catering Industry Development Plan (2009-2013)” was proposed to accelerate the pace of informatization in the catering industry and building a mobile catering service platform.




In 2019, the take-away service changed the Chinese people’s habits of eating at table. Every dish that the men takeaway distributes, every route that they run, is backed by Internet information technology such as big data and cloud computing. “Internet + Catering” has brought profound changes to the Chinese table culture.



  1. Express Service

In 2009, the ” Postal Law of People’s Republic of China ” was revised and implemented. It was the first time that the express delivery business was included in the adjustment category, and the legal status of the express delivery enterprise was clarified. Since then, the express delivery industry has experienced the fast development.




In 2019, China’s express delivery accounted for half of the world. By the end of 2019, the coverage rate of express delivery outlets in the country will reach 95%, and the standardization rate of self-operated outlets in cities will reach 93%.

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  1. High-Speed Railway

In 2009, China entered a new era of high-speed railways. On December 26, 2009, the “Hexie” high-speed train was rushed north from Guangzhou North Station, and the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway was officially put into operation, marking China’s entry into the new era of high-speed railway.




In 2019, a research and development of new generation of “Fuxing” High-speed Railway was put on the agenda. In 2019, 3,200 kilometers of high-speed rail will be put into production, and a new generation of “Fuxing” High-speed Railway will be officially put on the agenda.



  1. Telephone

What kind of mobile phone did you use ten years ago? Flip, slide or full keyboard? At that time, the mobile phone as a communication tool will also be accompanied by some entertainment features, like listening tomusic, playing simple games.




In 2019, most of the people do not leave their mobile phones. Ten years later, mobile phones are not only used for communication, but also for listening to songs, playing games, and watching videos. The quality of comprehensive screen and artificial smart phones is constantly improving, performance is more stable, and there are also various innovative designs.



  1. Mobile Communication Technology

In 2009, China entered the 3G era. On January 7, 2009, China issued the third generation mobile communication license, and entered the 3G era. In 2009, 3G users exceeded 10 million, creating a new record of the largest construction and fastest construction in the history of global telecommunications development.


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In 2019, 5G will be trialed. And China will issue 5G temporary licenses in several cities. It is expected that 5G mobile phones and 5GPad will be put on the market in the second half of the year. 1 second download of a high-definition movie, driverless, smart life, panoramic 360-degree VR live broadcast will no longer be a dream.



  1. Online Shopping

In 2009, People shop online out of the favorable price. On November 11, 2009, in the name of sales promotion for “Singles’ Day”, the “Double Eleven” shopping festival, generated 50 million yuan in sales in one day. Many people have not thought that this day will become a “big day” that will affect the consumption in future.


In 2019, the nature of online shopping became to buy products from the world and buy products with high quality. In the past ten years, the “Double Eleven” has not merely an ordinary national shopping carnival. It represents and reflects the tremendous changes and vivid epitome of China’s economic transformation and social consumption upgrading.



  1. Way of Payment

In 2009, people could not live without cash. Ten years ago, clothes, food, housing and transportation were inseparable from cash. In that year, the mobile payment service began to be piloted by combining mobile phones and bank IC cards into one, in order to realize credit card repayment, transfer recharge, water and electricity payment, online shopping and other functions.




In 2019, barcode payment has most commonly used and has become a familiar consumer experience in everyday life. Various unmanned vending machines and unmanned supermarkets are emerging, and the scene of mobile payment is becoming more and more abundant.

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  1. Chang E Project

In 2009, China opened a new era for Chinese people to explore the moon. On March 1, 2009, the Chang’e-1 satellite was controlled to hit the moon, opening a new era for Chinese people to explore the moon, and marking that China has entered the world with deep space exploration capabilities.




In 2019, China achieved the first soft landing in the Moon. On January 3, 2019, the No. 4 detector successfully landed on the back of the moon and passed back to the world’s first close-up image of the moon, through relay star, revealing the mystery of the back of the Moon.



We have witnessed the great changes of China, and I believed that China will create more possibilities in the future. I’m Looking forward to it

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