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The 12 Most Beautiful Rice Terraces in China

Nature is magical, not only giving us beauty, but more spectacular. Terraces in many parts of China are distributed along the steep slopes, which appears that steps were built for the giants to ascend to the sky. Terraced fields are flats that cut into the slopes for growing crops. It is one of the most amazing ways for humans to transform their surface forms. Below, let’s take a look at the 12 most beautiful terraces in China.


  1. Yuanyang Hani Rice Terrace (Yunnan)

Yuanyang Rice Terrace is located in Yuanyang County, Yunnan Province, and is a masterpiece left by the Hani ethnic people for generations. Yuanyang rice terrace is the core area of Honghe Hani rice terraced fields. On June 22, 2013, at the 37th World Heritage Conference, Honghe Hani Rice Terrace was successfully listed on the World Heritage List and became China’s 45th World Heritage Site, making China be the second largest World Heritage country ranking only second to Italy.



  1. Sanjian Cenya Rice Terrace (Guangxi)

Sanjiang Cenya Rice Terrace is located in Sanjiang County, Guangxi. It is characterized by complete and refined. Looking from a distance, like a stupa or the Dong Drum Tower. Because of the different soils, plus the white light the water reflecting, the shadows of the plants, the terraces under the reflection of the sun, present a “colorful” brilliant color, like the oil painting of God.



  1. Longji Rice Terrace (Guilin)

The Longji Rice Terrace are called “the most beautiful curves on the earth” and are divided into Ping’an Village and Jinkeng (Dazhai). The main inhabitants of Ping’an Village are the people of Zhuang ethnic group, and the terrain there is not as steep as Jinkeng. While, Jinkeng, commonly known as Dazhai, has a steep terrain and majestic terraces.

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  1. Jiabang Rice Terrace (Guizhou)

Jiabang Rice Terrace, located in the southeast Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, is one of the best terraced fields in China. Many unique hanging houses of the Miao nationality scattered among these rice terraces.



  1. Danzhai Gaoyao Terrace (Guizhou)

Gaoyao Rice Terrace is located in Gaoyao Village, Danzhai County, Guizhou Province. More than a thousand acres of terraced fields, located on a mountain, stretched from the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain.



  1. Ziquejie Rice Terrace (Hunan)

Located in Xinhua County, Loudi City, Hunan Province, Ziquejie Rice Terrace is an important agricultural cultural heritage and world irrigation project heritage. The surrounding terraces are more than 80,000 mu, and the core scenic area has more than 20,000 mu. It is applying The Guinness Book of Records. The Ziliujie self-flow irrigation system is called “the miracle of the world irrigation project.” The folk customs here are simple, the customs of Miao and Yao are passed down from generation to generation, the Meishan folk songs have unique charm, Meishan diet, Meishan martial arts and other styles are unique; the residences are antique and quite distinctive.



  1. Jiangling Rice Terrace (Jiangxi)

Jiangxi Wuyuan is known as “the most beautiful country in China”. Jiangling Rice Terrace is the most dazzling pearl of Wuyuan, because it has the most famous 100,000 mu of rapeseed sea and terraced fields.



  1. Youxi Rice Terrace (Fujian)

Youxi Rice Terrace, the most beautiful terraced field in Fujian, is regarded as one of the five most attractive terraces in China and is the photography creation base of Fujian Province.

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  1. Yunhe Rice Terrace (Zhejiang)

As the largest terraced group in East China, Yunhe Rice Terrace has more than 700 layers of terraces. It is known as “the most beautiful terraced land in China”. There have scenic spots including terraces, clouds, mountain, villages, bamboo seas, streams, waterfalls and smog.



  1. Shangbao Rice Terrace (Jiangxi)

Shangbao Terraced Field was rated as “the largest Hakka rice terrace” by Shanghai Great World Keith, and it is one of the three rice terraced wonders in China.



  1. Gaokan Rice Terrace (Sichuan)

Gaokan Town is located in the mountainous area and is named Gaoyan. There are thousands of acres of terraces.



  1. Oujiacun Rice Terrace (Guangzhou)

Oujiacun Rice Terrace is located in Lianshan Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County of Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province. The foggy mountains on the Dawu Mountain are known as the “Guangdong Lingnan Roof”.



So, are you been shocked by them?  And are you interested in taking a look at these rice terraces?


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