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The 10 Must-do Things in Beijing

Beijing, as the capital of China, is naturally a good place to visit. However, in case you not enjoy youselves, let me tell you about 10 things you must do when you travel to Beijing.


  1. The Forbiden city

The Forbidden City is the two generations of the Imperial Palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is also the most intact and largest ancient palace complex in the world. In addition to admiring the rich and colorful architectural art, it is also necessary to see the old collection from the Ming and Qing Dynasties.




  1. Hutong

Hutong is the cultural characteristic of Beijing and the root of old Beijing. To appreciate the authentic style of Beijing, it is essential for us to visit the Hutong. Shichahai has the largest and most preserved Hutong block in Beijing. It is said that there are almost a thousand daily trips to the Hutong in this area by tricycle. Sitting on a human tricycle and shuttling through the winding and quaint alleys of the alley, the driver took the car and introduced the past story of the old Beijing Hutong to you. Wouldn’t it beautiful?



  1. Prince Kung’s Mansion

Prince Kung’s Mansion was originally the residence of He Shen in the Qianlong era of Qing Dynasty, and the later Prince Gong Yi Xin became the owner of the house. It is the largest and most well-preserved one among the Prince mansions in Qing Dynasty. It has both the style of Jiangnan in China and the characteristics of the garden in the north. It is also the prototype of Rongguofu and Grand View Garden in the book of A Dream in Red Mansions.

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  1. Sunlitun

Sanlitun is a bar street famous for its diversities and distinctive charcterisctics. It got its name because it is far away from the inner city of Sanli. It is the symbol of Beijing’s nightlife, and it is also the favorite place for people in the city to stroll. Sanlitun’s bars are divided into two types, one is Taikoo Li’s various kinds of restaurants, most of them are quieter and have higher consumption; another one is Bar Street’s various taverns and clubs, which are affordable and lively.



  1. Roast Duck

Beijing Roast Duck, famous all over the world, has been well-known in Europe and America since it was a hundred years ago. It is a must-eat food in Beijing. When it comes to authentic Beijing roast duck, you have to mention Quanjude whose hanging-stove Roast Duck is well known both at home and abroad.





There are three major origins of Chinese cross talk: Beijing Tianqiao, Tianjin Quanyechang and Nanjing Confucius Temple. The art of cross talk originated in North China and is popular in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. It is popular at home and abroad. It is a folk rap art with strong folk style and performance. To mention the good place to listen to the voice, I have to say the Deyunshe founded by Guo Degang. It’s fun to watch the performers talking, singing, and telling jokes.



  1. 798 ArtDist

The 798 Art District is a cultural and creative arts park transformed from the old factory area of the original state-owned 798 factory and other electronic industries. It has become the most famous gathering place for young artists in Beijing and one of the most popular cultural landmarks in Beijing. There are many galleries, art centers and studios in the park. There are also many cultural and creative shops and petty bourgeoisie cafes. It is a site where Wenqing people watch exhibitions and feel the literary atmosphere. The streets in the 798 Park are full of pioneering and avant-garde sculptures, as well as a small locomotive. It is very good to shoot literary and beautiful photos here.

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  1. Jiu San Zhuo

Standard practice of Beijing boiled meat: copper pot, clear soup and sesame sauce. The soup base is very simple



The supplier the same as the Jubaoyuan, so the meat is very good and freash. The small copper pot of the size of the mineral water bottle, which is the world’s smallest copper pot, and also applied for the Guinness World Record. The mini copper pot was designed by the boss himself.




  1. Talking with Beijing Taxi Driver

Why do I recommend you to take a Beijing taxi? Because the taxi drivers in Beijing are very enthusiastic, they are very happy to share what they have seen with you. So, if you are confused, you might as well take a taxi and ask the drivers for their opinions.


  1. The Lama Temple

The Lama Temple has endless stream of pilgrims. It was originally the residence of Yongzheng. The people who come here to pray in the winter are in a constant stream. They pray for peace, successful career or happy marriages.



So, are you interested in my suggestions? If yes, why not take a tour to Beijing?

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