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Top 10 Famous Cross-sea Bridge in China

China has strong capabilities of bridge construction. In recent years, many high-quality cross-sea bridges have been built. These projects not only provide convenience for people’s lives, but also is a beautiful landscape themselves.   Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge project has the characteristics of large scale, short construction period, up-to-the-minute technology, less experience, […]

Top 10 Handsome Chinese Actors in 2018

Speaking of the stars of the entertainment circle, it is always couldn’t avoid discussing their appearance. Today we will take a look at some of the most handsome actors in China. Hu Ge Chinese actor and singer 1982,09,20 Representative works: Chinese Paladin; The Little Fairy; Chinese Paladin 3; The Myth; Nirvana in Fire; The Disguiser […]

Top 10 Best Dance Colleges in China

With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more parents have begun to pay attention to the overall development of children. In addition to the study of cultural knowledge, they will also report their interest to their children. Dance is a popular choice. Moreover, many people even regard dance as a lifelong career. So […]

Top 10 Hot Springs in China

Hot springs have always been the favorite place of physiotherapy and treating illnesses for Chinese people, and they are also a good place for leisure and entertainment. So, what are the famous hot springs in China? Below, I will introduce you to the famous top ten hot springs in China.   Tangshan Hot Spring Located […]

The 12 Strangest Building in China

A successful architectural design is a perfect blend of architecture and aesthetics. It is a solidified art sculpture made of steel and cement. But in today’s country, there are still some strange buildings. Today, let’s take a look at some strange buildings in China.   CCTV Headquarters CCTV Headquarters is eye-catching because of its weird […]

The 10 Must-do Things in Beijing

Beijing, as the capital of China, is naturally a good place to visit. However, in case you not enjoy youselves, let me tell you about 10 things you must do when you travel to Beijing.   The Forbiden city The Forbidden City is the two generations of the Imperial Palace of the Ming and Qing […]

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