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OneHash Review — Mutual Bitcoin Betting for 2019 | Mutual Bitcoin Betting Platform For Sports And Games?


OneHash, hosted at, is an online mutual betting platform that simply supports bitcoins.

Mutual betting, for those somewhat uncertain, is a method where all bets are placed together in a swimming pool and payoff odds are calculated by sharing the pool among all winning bets.

This unique online gaming system also supports a huge array of gaming options which reside outside the sports stadium while offering internet casino games for example slots.

The purpose of this unbiased review is to give you the insight needed to make an educated decision concerning whether OneHash really is a good fit for you.

To discover more, we ask you to examine our honest review.

About OneHash

OneHash is a common gambling platform which only supports Bitcoin betting.

Mutual gambling with OneHash is quite simple:

  • A bettor selects a side to put his bet
  • Every wager made impacts the winning multiplier until the pool closes
  • After the game result, winners divide the pot proportionally with their contribution

Unlike other online game gambling platforms, a bettors compensation isn't fixed and is proportionally equal to their contribution to the betting pool.

How can you wager with OneHash?

These days, there are two ways that consumers can place bets at OneHash.

A bettor can use BTC that they've deposited in their OneHash wallet or by immediately moving Bitcoin for a specific event.

When betting through the OneHash wallet, users simply just need to choose the amount they wish to wager, click on "Put a Bet" button and then you should see an"OK" that suggests that your wager is set.

For first-time customers who may feel uneasy depositing their hard-earned bitcoins in the OneHash wallet, you can follow the following steps:

  1. You will first be asked for a Bitcoin wallet address where they may send you winnings, should your bet be correct.
  2. After that, You'll Need to send the amount of bitcoins You Wish to bet to a Special address generated by OneHash (minimum wager is 0.0001 BTC)
  3. You should then see an"OK" display, suggesting that your bet goes through
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To receive updates, you can drop OneHash your email address and you will receive email updates about the results and winning transport details.

One question that OneHash seems to get quite often is whether or not betters should sign-up with their stage.

Disclosed in their manual would be how that isn't required, nor would they impress that upon you.

Based on their website, they just need to make sure to enjoy the most effective mutual gambling experience.

OneHash Games


Dice is a virtual edition of this popular game originated from the tiny throwable objects with multiple resting spots.

In accordance with OneHash, you'll need to question yourself, assess the risk, correct the bets and opportunity proportion so as to play effectively.

A great advantage regarding this Dice game is that users can test out this Dice game with a wager amount set at 0, so that they can acquire a better comprehension of how the game operates without risking their bitcoins.


"Fool the keeper and then win your prize!"

Goals is a newly incepted sport which reflects 3 degrees of difficulty where users could win around "x43544."

The goal of this game would be to take as many targets as a row as you can with no goalkeeper grabbing the ball.

The higher the level the more difficult it is to triumph, but the payouts are more rewarding.


Quirky, interactive sport where bettors can acquire up to x1000.

The goal of this game is to fly the rocket as large as you can without it being ruined from moon debris.

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Automatic gambling is offered within this game style.


There are a few different slots available at OneHash.

With slots that you are able to multiple your bitcoins from x1000, x100, x50, x15 and so forth.

All users must do is twist, the best emblem and also the one you need to be striving for would be the OneHash emblem, which means you always win up to x1000, it kind of functions as a wildcard that you may say.

OneHash Special Events

OneHash Special Occasions covers gambling opportunities that live outside the casino arena.

These bettings events cover politics, entertainment and specific sport gambling.

A few existing examples of these betting options taking place in OneHash would be:

  • Betting where films may win the 2018 Oscars
  • Betting on who newly elected officials will soon be (when elections happen )
  • Betting on large sporting occasions, including Championship fighting bouts

OneHash Reviews

OneHash reflect pretty excellent community opinions when we were exploring into their platform.

Nearly all online review sites are currently endorsing OneHash while we only found one big complaint featured at

The criticism was started by an anonymous gambling on a sporting event where the bettor felt that he was cheated by OneHash since they had instantaneously paid him his winnings on a bet he'd won.

Fast track a few hours later and the exact same man goes on to say that OneHash did pay him.

Apart from this we really haven't encountered to a lot of complaints concerning OneHash.

Domain Insight was independently filed on September 29th, 2013 throughout the GoDaddy registrar.

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According to SimilarWeb, OneHash includes a global rank of 59,462 using a Brazil rank of 14,479 at December 22nd, 2018.

On average the website supports a little over a million monthly traffic while their best referral website will be is a traffic exchange site we've encountered many times before which will be used to deceive market intelligence sites into thinking that certain websites are more reliable than others, thereby ranking them high into search results.

Is Safe to Use?

Everything is apparently based on relation to OneHash.

The community consensus regarding OneHash is positive while their platform seems to be satisfying a demand among users appearing to partake in reciprocal online betting. Review Conclusion

OneHash offers a wide range of mutual betting alternatives that cover sporting events, virtual games, slots, entertainment and political gambling.

The minimum betting amount needed is 0.0001 BTC while users generally report receiving their winnings a couple of short hours after the bet as concluded.

Considering that the info shared in our fair review previously, we consider OneHash to be a more valid mutual gambling platform for consumers throughout the world.

Verdict: OneHash seems Legit!



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