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New to Chinese Gaming Apps, Here’s What You Need to Know

According to App Annie’s 2017 retrospective report, the Chinese mobile gaming industry has witnessed an exponential growth of 250% in the past three years. Here, I have compiled the best Chinese gaming apps of 2018. Let’s go to see what they are.


  1. Honor of Kings (Tencent Holdings)

The Honor of Kings (王者荣耀) is what’s known as a multiplayer online battle arena game, or MOBA, a genre popularized by e-sports behemoths Dota 2 and League of Legends where players can team up five fantasy characters and have a 5 on 5 battle to destroy the opponent’s base. With great focus on visual design, characters and sound & music, players can choose characters from Chinese folklore to popular Western fantasy characters like Batman and Wonder Woman. It is by far the most popular game in China with 55 million active gamers and leads the front by being the world’s highest grossing game.


  1. Onmyoji (NetEase)

Onmyoji (阴阳师)is a mobile CCP RPG which was launched in early September 2016 by the net gaming giant NetEase. It is a turn-based fantasy strategy game with PVP or PVE battles, where you can strengthen your beloved shikigami to build your dream tactical team and defeat various demons to become the ultimate onmyoji.

This collectible card game has a fascinating array of characters, ranging from a wolf swordsman to fox spirits, each having their own unique abilities, battle models, and backstory. As the game progresses, each character evolves and levels up with more rarities and skills, giving the player a chance to interact and socialize with other players near their own geographical location. This detailed and dramatic game keeps the players hooked with a story rich RPG experience, professional voice-overs and sounds that bring characters to life.

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  1. JX Online

JX Online 3 is a 3D Martial Arts MMORPG developed by SeaSun Games and pubished by Kingsoft. It shows ancient Chinese swordsman legends with scene and lighting effects, engine effects of SpeedTree to users. It also mixes some elements of Traditional Chinese Culture to game like peom, dance, silk, drinking culture, tea and music to allow player to feel the glorious and magnificent Tang Dynasty deeply. Moreover, The Qinggong System supported by Physics Engine improves players’ gameplay experience.


  1. Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a series of tactical shooter video games that are developed and published by City Interactive.



  1. Fantasy Westward Journey (NetEase)    

Fantasy Westward Journey is another popular game by NetEase that has over 250 million active users in China and is based on a Chinese folklore.The game lets players trade items and collectibles with each other for currency, such as pets, which can then be used to purchase other items. It’s a feature that has proven hugely popular with players.

It revolves around a priest who travels with three companions including the fabled Monkey King. The game and character design have a child-like cartoon feel that attracts the audience instantly. Fantasy Westward Journey not only pays homage to the Chinese cultural legacies but also recreates the classics to the current tech-savvy generation in a very catchy way. The re-imagined scripts and latest gaming technologies make it a must-play game for anyone who loves Chinese games.



  1. QQ Speed

QQ Speed (QQ飞车) is an online multiplayer racing game inspired by Mario-Kart. It became an instant hit in the market and was the 6th top grossing game in January 2018. It is a simple racing game in which players are expected to compete with other races on a variety of tracks, collect various items and Nitros boost to hinder the opponents from winning the race. Players can also alter their avatars to satisfy their pursuit of uniqueness.

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  1. Knives Out

Knives Out (荒野行动)is a kind of TPS game, MMO battle, players win by beating others with different gears/techniques in the map within the time. It lets you team up with a friend on a 6 .4 kilometer island with lots of weapons, and the only objective is to be the last man standing. It also has an all-new map where you can combat in different breathtaking environments. Fluid character movements and realistic graphics make this game a highly enjoyable one, especially if you are a fan of battling games.



  1. PUBG: Mobile  

PUBG starts with 99 players being dropped off on an island with only a backpack. Once landed safely on the ground, one has to collect as many arms & ammunition, health packs, clothes which are strewn around the whole island. Once sufficient items are obtained, the player has to eliminate all the others and survive.



  1. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans consists of mustachioed barbarians, fire-wielding wizards, and many other fantasy characters. Players have to start their clans and collect resources to forge an army to fend off raids by goblins. Furthermore, you can join forces with other clans and take on the global leader-board and carve your name on the PVP.


  1. CrossFire     

CrossFire is a knock-off shooter game with various modes such as free for all, search and destroy and death-match. There are more than 120 champions, dozens of items with various effects and an endless possibility of in-game strategies. Another plus point is that players with sub-par internet connections won’t have any issues accessing every level from game-play to stability.

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  1. Anipop

Anipop is a cute casual game developed by Happy Elements. With 300 well-designed levels(more coming soon) and many super cute animals, the game is very easy to start and much fun to play. Anipop has been well received by over 50 million players of all age ever since it was released. Only a move of fingers will give you much fun! Game Play Slide and match 3 or more same animals to complete the tasks and get through hundreds of levels.


  1. Fight the Landlord

Dou dizhu is a card game in the genre of shedding and gambling. It is one of the most popular card games played in China. It is described as easy to learn but hard to master, requiring mathematical and strategic thinking as well as carefully planned execution. Suits are irrelevant in playing dou dizhu. Players can easily play the game with a set of dou dizhu playing cards, without the suits printed on the cards. Less popular variations of the game do exist in China, such as four-player and five-player dou dizhu played with two packs of cards.


Now, which one interests you. Download it and try it!

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