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Is Mahua Funage Not Fun Anymore

When I talk about “Mahua” with you, the first that comes into your mind may be the famous snacks in Tianjiang. However, here, “Mahua” refers to a Chinese private comedy enterprise, which was founded by Zhang Chen and Liu Hongtao in 2003. It considers serving the people’s entertainment as its tenet. It is also the pioneer to establish a business model for comedy show in large theater of 1000+ seats. In recent years, Mahua FunAge has made the development as a comprehensive entertainment company, which produces comedies in theaters, comedy musicals, children plays, online TV series and film. It has formed its own system in many years of stage drama creation. Today, I’ll introduce several famous works produced by the company and a list of major performers in this company.

  1. Goodbye Mr Loser

Goodbye Mr. Loser is a 2015 Chinese comedy film directed by Yan Fei and Peng Damo, and starring Shen Teng, Ma Li, Yin Zheng, Ai Lun, Wang Zhi, Tian Yu, Song Yang, Chang Yuan and Li Ping. The film is based on a play of the same name. It was a phenomenal movie and a black horse movie at the same time. It became the box office runner for Chinese 2D movie at 1 billion 450 million yuan of the box office.

  1. Mr. Donkey

Mr. Donkey is a 2016 Chinese comedy-drama film directed by Zhou Shen and Liu Lu and starring Ren Suxi, Da Li, Liu Shuailiang, Pei Kuishan, Ke Runa, Han Yanbo, Bu Guanjin and Wang Kun. It was the movie with the highest rate of return in the year with a box office rate of 476%. At the same time, its score on the Douban movie is as high as 8.3, which is higher than most of the domestic movies last year.

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  1. Today’s happiness

In 2012, Mahua FunAge debut on the Spring Festival Gala and performed the original sketch comedy “Today’s happiness”. It thus was known by the national audience.


  1. Never Say Die

Never Say Die is a 2017 Chinese comedy film directed by Song Yang and Zhang Chiyu and starring Ai Lun, Ma Li, Shen Teng, Tian Yu and Xue Haowen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is the highest-grossing comedy film ever in a single (its home domestic) box office market.

  1. Mahua FunAge theater

It is China’s first weekly online sitcom set on Letv. Mahua FunAge pays attention to training and forming talent team. At present, it has a professional creative team and hundreds of artists. The creative team has Yan Fei, Peng Damo, Wu Yuhan, Song Yang, Yang Yuanhan, Wei Xiang, Huang Cailun. And there are Shen Teng, Ma Li, Alan, Chang Yuan, Chen Haoming, Du Xiaoyu, Han Yunyun, Wang Ning, Wang Chengsi, Wang Yuanhu, Yang Xiaoming and other domestic popular comedians. Famous works include “Make Mahua to you” (2003.12), “People drift in rivers and lakes” (2005.12), “Amuse landlord” (2006.12), “Crazy stone” (2007.08), “Somali pirates” (2009.11), “The Earl of Mount Wulong (2010.12), “Rotating Carmen” (2011.11), “to board the pirate ship” (2011.12), “Goodbye Mr. Loser” (2012.11), “Never Say Die” (2014.11), “Li Cha’s aunt” (2015.11) and so on.

Why their works are so popular among the public? In fact, their works are tongue-in-check, critical and positive. What’s more, Mahua Funage takes every work seriously and pays closely attention to details. Personally speaking, it is their seriousness and dedication that attributed to each of their successful works. And I believe that it will ultimately dispel the misgivings coming from the public with their professional creative team and dedication.

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