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Guidance for WeChat Setting Up & Using Payment

When you come to China, you will find it that Scanning a QR code for payment is common in China, which brings great convenience to people’s daily life. So how to use WeChat payment? Today I will give an answer.


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  • WeChat account
  • Passport
  • A Chinese bank card
  • Phone that linked with your bank card


First of all, you should have a bank card. Not all banks allow people from abroad to sign-up for WeChat payment. Some of them require a Chinese ID and the process gets you stuck. Here are a few options that won’t be a requirement for Chinese ID.

Chinese Merchants Bank – for both debit and credit cards

Agricultural Bank of China – credit cards only


Also, you can use international cards.

Secondly, download WeChat in your AppStore and then press “Me/Wallet/Cards”

  • Note:

if you don’t see Wallet in your WeChat, it is because you download the international version of WeChat. You can click on “Setting/General/Language” to change the WeChat langurage to Chinese. This will activate your WeChat Wallet. You can then change your langurage back to English and WeChat Wallet in stays.

Third, press the “Add Card” option to add your credit or debit cards through the “Wallet” menu in WeChat. This will take you to a section to add a Chinese bank card.

  • Important: make sure you use the exact name you use that matches with the name linked with your bank card. The name field is also case sensitive.
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WeChat offers a lot of extremely convenient functions which benefit everyone. After the credit/debit card is set up, a person can get access to each of these features:

  • Mobile Top Up – top up your credit for the phone.
  • Wealth – Track your spending and savings in the account.
  • Lottery – gambling
  • Order Taxi – Easy way to get a taxi if you are in a city.
  • Specials – Online shopping mall for any kind of products.
  • QQ Coins – buy currency for your QQ account
  • Lucky Money – Send and receive money from friends or contacts.
  • Group Buying – special offers for meals in restaurants. Reducing prices and offering promotions.
  • Credit Card – send money to another card or account.
  • Tencent Charity – Donate money for charity.
  • Movie Tickets – Buy tickets for the cinema.
  • Go Dutch – find a dining place and meet new people on that table using the same program.
  • Air Ticket – Buy plane tickets.


All these awesome features are easy to access. Tencent is creating a dominant platform for online shopping and is changing the people’s life style. Hopefully this article was helpful to every foreigner that plans to scan a QR code for payment in China.


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