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Did The Great wall of China Really Work?

Did the great wall of China really work? The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications made of stone, Its reported length is widely disputed and ranges anywhere from a paltry 1,500 miles (2,414 kilometers) to 4,163 miles (6,700 kilometers)


It is so large, it can be even seen from the moon, but it is not tall, can it really stop the enemy from invasion? And what the real purpose of the great wall of China? In this article, you will get a simple sense of the real purpose of The great wall.


BTW, Since the Western Zhou Dynasty, dynasties had begun to build the Great Wall on the hills. It has a little use for troops, but not too much.


The real purpose of the great wall

Back to ancient China, people in the north herd their sheep, while people in the north they farm. So they trade from each other.

The northern Mongolian steppe produces horses, which lays the foundation for the military strength of the north. Although the military is strong, the nomadic economy is quite fragile. If there is a snowstorm, the grassland will be covered by heavy snow, the livestock will die in large numbers, and people will follow the same way. It is even possible that a regime will collapse. Moreover, the north manufacturing industry is backward, and there are no such industries as smelting iron, making pottery, making porcelain, spinning, and weaving, and they were relying on the southern farming areas. When people don’t fight, the North and the South are doing business at the border market. They don’t need currency trading, people were trading stuff, Mongolian herders go inside, Put the animal skin and other things on the table, the North people give their iron pot or something else in return. The funny thing is that both sides think that the other party is stupid.

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Economic sanctions

But sometimes people just fight over things. And every time the north wins, so the south people are starting to build the wall, do they really think the wall stops the troop from the north? Of course no. the real purpose is to block their economic, stopping the trade.

Since the trade is blocked, people will start to smuggle, As long as there is profit, the merchant will use whatever means. They will pay for smugglers to carry the cargoes over the mountain, well now it is time for the great wall to stand up. A long wall is erected on the border line, and the beacon towers are seamlessly connected. There are soldiers guarding on the top day and night, not giving any chances. So that the intention of economic sanctions can be fully realized.

The northerners without pots to stew the meat or medicine to take, cloth to make clothes and iron to cast weapons. In this way, people can’t even maintain the basic life. Therefore, most of the first to be defeated is the northern nomads.

In conclusion

Look back from the history, nowadays we can compare the Great Wall with the Berlin Wall,the real purpose wasn’t really for troops but the economy.

Anyway, the wall was quite successful to a certain extent, but it was also mostly romanticized by Chinese and Westerners. A popular myth is that it is so large, it can be seen from the moon. In ancient Chinese folklore, even a woman’s tears were enough to collapse the wall. And a bunch of Hollywood movie was made about the Wall as a fortress from aliens, (starring Matt Damon)

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It really helped keep nomadic forces at bay, and also served as good lookout points for invasions.  in the end The Great Wall was more of a moderate deterrent than an impenetrable fortress.

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