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China Top 10 Typical Chongqing Food You Must Try

We all know that Chongqing is famous for its spicy food. There is even a saying-là bú huān, means without spicy, people won’t be happy. So here is a list of top 10 food in Chongqing you must try when you visit.


Top 10: Doufu rice


A popular food around Chongqing, Basically every restaurant will have, even there are Doufu rice restaurants which only specialize in Doufu rice. The fresh bean curd and the special sauce are perfect matches, although it looks simple, it tastes great.



Top 9: Small sweet dumplings of the mountain city(Chongqing is also being called by mountain city in China)


Small sweet dumplings of the mountain city is a traditional snack in Chongqing. It is famous for its small size, thin stuffing, sweet and smooth. Made from lard, white sugar powder, black sesame powder.



Top8: Chongqing suan la fen (Chongqing spicy noodle )


Chongqing suan la fen is a local traditional snack widely spread in Chongqing city, and it has always been one of the favorite food of Chongqing people. The main powder is made from sweet potato and pea starch. Tastes spicy and sour but not greasy.


Top7: Wanzhou Roast fish


Wanzhou roast fish is a traditional dish of Chongqing specialty, The fish will be washed and placed in an iron clip, then place on the stove and grill with charcoal.

Add the seasoning with butter, red oil, sugar, pepper, and other condiments, it tastes Salty and spicy.


Top6: Spicy chicken


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About 12 years ago, it was invented by a small restaurant in Chongqing, but then this dish became popular. The color of the dish is brown, red and oily, spicy, salty and mellow, slightly sweet.


Top5: Jianghu dish


The name is absolutely bizarre, but it is famous for the variety of side dishes, duck blood bright red and spicy taste.


Top4: Qianjiang chicken


The place where the most chickens are eaten in Chongqing is the Ciqikou ancient town, which can be also called a chicken street.  the chicken mixed with the secret seasoning, pickled and marinated.then add the secret soup to the pot, then add the blood, bean sprouts, bean husk, bamboo shoots, sea cabbage, melon, and potatoes.


Top3: Mao Xue Wang


Mao Xuewang uses duck blood as the main ingredient, and the taste is spicy. It originated in Chongqing and is popular in Chongqing and Southwest China. It is a famous traditional dish.


Top2: Chongqing Street Noodle


Chongqing Street Noodle is one of the four characteristics of Chongqing. It is a traditional snack originating from Chongqing, one bowl of noodles is only with a few green leaves, and the soul of the small noodles is the seasoning. it might look simple but it tastes amazing.


Top1: Chongqing Hot Pot


Chongqing Hotpot was elected as the first of the “Chongqing Top Ten Cultural Symbols”. The selection was based on the seven criteria of cultural content, popularity, reputation, representation, uniqueness, regionality and time.


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