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10 Incredible Facts about Ancient China

When it comes to ancient China, it is always full of sense of the times and mystery. The changes of the times in ancient China over 2,000 years have formed unique characteristics in people, things, lifestyle, political economy and cultural level. Today, we’ll explore 10 incredible facts about ancient China from monumental defensive structures to […]

The Most Beautiful Border Cities in China

On China’s long and narrow border, there are unparalleled exotic towns and unique Chinese cities with unique Chinese characteristics. If you don’t like crowded hot spots and don’t think about where to go, it’s better to go to these border cities. Go! Experience the exotic customs of neighboring countries without going abroad!   Mohe City […]

Top 10 Must-go Seaside Towns in China

Early summer is The perfect holiday season for sea breeze and seafood. There are many well-known seaside towns at home and abroad, which are characterized by sunshine, beach and sea. Today, let’s take a look at the 10 most beautiful seaside towns in China.   Shitang Town-Oriental Cape of Good Hope Stone houses, stone streets, […]

Top 10 Best Dance Colleges in China

With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more parents have begun to pay attention to the overall development of children. In addition to the study of cultural knowledge, they will also report their interest to their children. Dance is a popular choice. Moreover, many people even regard dance as a lifelong career. So […]

Top 10 Hot Springs in China

Hot springs have always been the favorite place of physiotherapy and treating illnesses for Chinese people, and they are also a good place for leisure and entertainment. So, what are the famous hot springs in China? Below, I will introduce you to the famous top ten hot springs in China.   Tangshan Hot Spring Located […]

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