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Activity Dependent Costing (ABC) Case Study: Exxonmobil

Activity Dependent Costing (ABC) Case Study: Exxonmobil


This unique paper positions an diagnosis of the established of an activity-based costing (ABC) for Exxon Mobil, a worldwide oil organization. The discussion from the paper is definitely structured below:

  • Setting up a good activity-based pricing for Exxon Mobil This kind of first segment presents any of activity-based costing and even focuses on the best way such a process could be setting up for Exxon Mobil.
  • Stages included in designing ELEMENTARBOG systems The section of the exact paper symbolizes the levels involved in the organise of an activity-based costing process.
  • Collection of cost individuals An important factor during the set up of any activity-based costing system is picking a the cost drivers. The third component to the cardstock discusses this specific.
  • Solution and Illustrations The fourth area presents any calculation for those activity-based charging for Exxon Mobil.
  • Limitations details from GRUNDELEMENTER systems Often the fifth section of the report presents the restrictions and problems in the consumption of activity-based losing.
  • Ending Finally, another section summarises the feuds presented within the paper and even highlights the real key points to deduce the cardstock.


Activity-based costing is definitely utilised to raise business systems through behavioural, business plus accounting practices, and ‘focuses on prices associated with functions, but also evaluates whether people activities put value, so providing a methods of understanding how to almost all effectively greatly reduce costs‘ (Maiga & Jacobs, 2003).

This unique paper talks over specific parts that will help ExxonMobil in setting up an activity-based costing method. It is possible to establish this on with ExxonMobil to push its efficiency but this will likely require couple of key key facts in going after this approach:

  • Commitment from more mature management Publishing the ABC system will have to have strong commitments from senior management while there may be issues and questions raised through different stakeholders as this procedure is went after.
  • Clear appearance in actions In addition to responsibility, setting up some sort of ABC technique will also will need that the large business be pur in its fiscal and managing figures to get the most make use of implementing a great system.


There are several main stages in which organisations have to follow in designing B?RNEL?RDOM systems on organisations. The real key stages within designing ABC systems tend to be as follows (Allott, 2004):

  • Decide scope as well as key hobbies performed This specific stage entails the development of crucial objectives along with activities to get departments plus the organisation. Task in this level is to always make sure that there aren‘t too many exercises that afterward render the main analysis because inaccurate given the information required.
  • Apportion one on one staff some assess the organisations‘ resources needed The supervision within the businesses then really need to assess the solutions required to focus on the key things to do defined inside the first period. This step requires the very evaluation of exactly where employees invested in their occasion, as this would be apportioned included in the ABC procedure.
  • Add other guide costs Besides the costs related to the staff and their time, additional direct expenses will also need to be included included in the analysis and measurement.
  • Allocate section and corporate overheads and indicate the key results produced The particular outputs in the activities identified in time one should get defined. All these outputs has to be largely measurable though can actually some actions that won‘t have immediately measurable outputs. From this, department and corporate operation costs can then be specific.
  • Put into value-adding and also non-value bringing in activities and also assess activity-level drivers together with cost-input drivers The fourth time is to determine the value-adding plus non-value-adding things to do, and also the issues that lead to the activity to take place which includes each activity-level drivers and cost-input drivers. Typically the activity-level car owners are in connection with the volume of the event of the actions while the cost-input drivers usually are related to the buying price of performing these activities for the setup. Cost owners are particularly vital in constructing ABC devices and the up coming section examines this concept even more.
  • Compute unit cost Once the whole set of measurements plus factors are already defined, it is then achievable to evaluate the unit price tag for diverse output actions. This will afterward drive our next stage.
  • Use results to determine progress opportunities For designing plus implementing a good ABC program, there should be effectively define progress opportunities that this organisations will probably target. This will be based on the discoveries that derive from the analysis and are important, as this could drive those things of the employees and the organization. Thus, most of these improvement chances should be incentives that are obtainable and, all at once, could effect the efficiency of the large business significantly, in cases where achieved.
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The stages defined earlier mentioned are the high-level key concentrations in planning and carrying out an ELEMENT?RVIDEN system pertaining to organisations.


Save your favorites online in the previous segment on the periods of developing an ABC system, the very identification with cost-input motorists is important from the proper inclusion of the ELEMENT?RVIDEN system. This section discusses the selection of cost owners in more significant detail in the context of ABC procedure. Cost owners play an important role since the objective with identifying the purchase price drivers is usually to be able to determine how the companies can control and handle the costs properly and make favorable changes to ways these will cost you drive the main organisation. The conclusion goal afterward is to include lower costs for that firm and also better operational and personal performance which may lead to tough competitive advantages of organisations compared with competitors within the sector.

Usually there are some principles which are important on the identification in the cost car owners for an B?RNEL?RDOM system. Selecting cost individuals is important in the following motives:

  • Drive capabilities of enterprise The ABC system can be employed through the value drivers to drive the functionality of the company.
  • Develop internal realizing Having the right cost people selected in the ABC system will increase the understanding of employees of the value-adding activities and also focus on the activities that worthiness the most time frame.
  • Address external things Finally, certain external stakeholders will need to get catered to help in the range of cost owners. The next few paragraphs display how this can be.

In addition to an internal review of the main cost owners for an business, there are also things that could be given play. For instance , one of the elements driving picking a cost car owners is external pressure at these charge drivers. Offered the maximizing focus on mid-air in recent years, the very pressure to stop and handle the environmental costs especially in industries such as the petroleum sector has grown with investors concerned about opportunity liabilities that might impact the very firm and the general public, like the government, concerned with the health outcomes that may originate from toxic emissions and components (Lee, 2005).

These eco costs may be significant as seen from your following instances (Lee, 2005):

  • W. R. Style had costs totalling US$50 million in 1998 for external remediation
  • Koch Petroleum Cluster spent considerable amounts during a few years intended for environmental impact and refinery pollution: circa US$7 million in 1998, circa US$$8 thousand in the 90s, and circa US$2 , 000, 000 in 2000
  • NCH Company charged return in the sum of circa US$16 million in 2000 pertaining to environmental remediation
  • Unocal supplied provisions amounting to US$22 million on 2002 just for environmental remediation and decline earnings
  • Entire for business such as ammenities, steel together with metals, petroleum, paper, together with chemicals, which deal with environmentally-sensitive areas, guesses place ‘environmental expenditures to always be annual expending of about 1% regarding revenues‘

Thus, while using pressure outwardly to manage ecological costs, it’s become a cost you driver the fact that firms that include Exxon Mobil need to include in an activity-based costing structure. The key causes of including the cost club are the following (Lee, 2005):

  • Environment issues evermore ! increasingly devoted to by the community and the environmental groups globally
  • Environmental decision-making is thus critical and information to be able to afford and management this aspect needs to be accumulated by the relevant firms
  • Some proactive stance in organizing environmental expenditures can be very good for firms in these environmentally-sensitive zones particularly ‘in terms of risk declination, prevention connected with liabilities, as well as preservation with firm reputation‘


Within implementing a strong ABC system in ExxonMobil, it is important to present an initial look at what the expense drivers meant for Exxon Mobil could be in terms of the design of a ABC system. Before carrying on on this journey, a number of presumptions have to be suggested: (1) this is the high level sort of a working out for ExxonMobil as an in-depth review hasn’t been conducted to be able to properly do an BEGYNDERBOG system for any organisation, (2) only quick estimates usually are presented seeing as these are influenced by an outside-in perspective making use of existing economical reports, (3) no special details are actually provided however by the organisation.

The above information are based on several assumptions generated for the purpose of showing how with an ABC system could get a new results of the very performance belonging to the regions and allow the business to after that make better options. The assumptions were made up in this scenario therefore could be the different way approximately in that very costs end up in the US along with Canada and South America parts. The objective with showing all these calculations were to highlight the impact that activity-based costing can have in setting up a deeper understanding of the price that are listed in the financial records of organizations.

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The way the rates are then broken up along with allocated to unique cost partitions will have an impact on these types of divisions and also decisions developed. The important aspect to consider is that the ELEMENTARBOG system really should identify the right allocation on the costs by using an understanding of some time spent with the staff as well as other factors which the organisation could deem essential in the ELEMENT?RVIDEN system.


The restrictions of information by ABC devices can be looked over in a couple ways: (1) limitations for establishing together with implementing the exact ABC methods, and (2) limitations in the use of the material resulting from the ABC solutions implemented with an organisation. It looks at which will limitations.

U. 1 . Disadvantages in starting and carrying out the ELEMENTARBOG systems

Among the key complications in carrying out an activity-based costing experience the ability to gather the correct info for the appropriate use of the technique. Throughout the regarding the use of the ABC system, a number of limitations are at the connaissance. The key policies most often quotation have been the following:

  • Subjectivity in distribution of the time . The key concern regarding users on the ABC product was the the right distribution of their time among the essential activities that will employees labored on, and the subjectivity in allotting the time elevated some worries and challenges in the future reliability of your system (Journal of Accountancy, 2008). Recently, there have been improved upon processes that were designed to reduce the subjectivity in the circulation of time through employees, particularly with the method used in time-driven activity-based losing with a crucial benefit on simplifying the method (Lambino, 2007). However , it’s not really been well corresponded and there is however a general consternation about this difficulty for the ELEMENTARBOG system.
  • Complexity for retrieving information for the ABC system . Another component that got hampered the ABC technique has been the general feeling how the retrieval data was too complex and that the input needed in order to total the process to the ABC program was very demanding (Max, 2008). Similar to the point previously, there have been deeper developments which have tended that will minimise often the complexity bordering the collection of the info needed for the exact ABC product but they have not recently been accepted broadly though the pattern is switching.

The 2 main limitations presented above will be the key good reasons that rendering of the ABC system has long been limited. Within organisations when the ABC product has been put in place, the two restriction identified have affected the usage of information churned out by the BEGYNDERBOG system. This can be discussed further in the next area.

E. 2 . not Limitations inside the use of tips resulting from ELEMENT?RVIDEN systems

For the organisations which have made the decision to be able to implement the main ABC technique, there are still constraints in the details that need to be thought to be the information is definitely utilised during the organisations‘ decision-making. The key policies are the next:

  • Costing definitely not an exact scientific disciplines . The output from the BEGYNDERBOG system continue being as quotations and are counting the subjectivity of some of the inputs when described in the previous part of the this. The use of price tag averages in addition to estimates reduces the clear appearance of the cost you and profitability information thereby results in a vital limitation during the use of the GRUNDELEMENTER system (Max, 2007).
  • Potential punishment of information . This debate is not come to be construed about be done on purpose. But the location where the information just properly attached between things to do and operations, the potential is accessible to have inaccurate results which then impact on the way the information will be utilised (Crance, Castellano & Roehm, 2001).


It is possible to implement an ABC technique for ExxonMobil. A number of conclusions and follow up steps can be highlighted:

  1. High level write of taking on was shown to be possible. Next phase is to have a proper assessment to follow the total stages generally if the organisation ended up keen to go ahead.
  2. Detailed process is actually complete a ABC system implementation ExxonMobil will need to plan to this in addition to assign methods in order to press the effort to have the ABC structure implemented.
  3. Investment and openness important for the particular implementation It is critical to get the buy-in and support of top management along with the key administrators of the organization.
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As a result of these subsequent steps, you can actually move into the next stage of obtaining the BEGYNDERBOG approach manufactured for ExxonMobil as well as implemented in the organisation.

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