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8 Disappeared Ancient Chinese Profession

With the development of society and the progress of the times, many ancient Chinese occupations have disappeared. Here we listed 8 ancient jobs which modern people hardly know about.


The coffin maker

Old people used to have a custom, that is, they would build a coffin for themselves when they were alive, because they believed that when people  died, they would enter another world, and the house in the world they live in was a coffin. Therefore, they often prepare for themselves a coffin when they are alive, so there comes the job. But now the mechanized production and the notion cremation  has made this profession disappear.


Tobacco  worker

The cigarettes we smoke now are made by mechanization, and the tobacco was hand-made hundreds of years ago. Cigarettes were introduced to Sichuan in the 17th century, and it was quickly spread from the coast to the whole of Sichuan. This tobacco was planted, dried and rolled by works


Waterwheel pedal worker

The history of waterwheels is very long and waterwheel was invented in the  Eastern Han Dynasty, which also highlights the wisdom of the ancients. At that time, when encountering hot weather and dry days, it was all about relying on this waterwheel to divert water from a low place to a high place to irrigate farmland. Of course, stepping on a waterwheel also requires certain technology.


Stone mill worker

People in southern China like to eat rice, while people in northern China like to eat noodles. Since they want to eat noodles, they must grind the wheat into powder. There is no mechanized thing a hundred years ago, but it doesn’t matter, thanks to the wisdom of the ancients, then there was the birth of stone mill, and the flour was finished on the stone mill by the force of human or cattle camel.

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Flour sieving

Northerners have a very long history of eating pasta. The key part of making flour is to screen out the milled flour. Simply separate the wheat bran from the flour. This technique was also mechanized by later machines.


Bamboo basket maker

A hundred years ago, bamboo was closely related to the lives of the people. It can be used not only for bridging, building houses, but also for knitting many household items, but this technique may have been lost.


Stove maker

Because of the difference in geographical conditions, the temperature and climate are naturally different. In the north of China, the common way of heating the home is to burn coal. The appliance that specializes in burning coal is the stove, but it used to be a handmade stove, not a machine.


Briquettes maker

In Beijing a hundred years ago, coal burning was very common. It can be said that the demand is very large. The coal is not resistant to burning, and the briquettes are different. At that time, the rich chose to buy the already prepared briquettes, and the poor will have to make the briquettes themselves.

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