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6 Common Lies Chinese Girls Usually Say

Chinese girls are not easy to understand, Especially in a relationship. Men often find themselves going crazy trying to figure out. This is especially true when it comes to women in China. Many Chinese girls will say no when they mean is yes.. Especially when they are communicating with their boyfriend or husband. Most Chinese women are conservative, and do not express themselves directly. So how can you know what they’re thinking? Let me reveal to you the top 6 common phrases Chinese Women Tell Men which will help you understand their true meaning!

  1. 没关系,你忙吧(pinyin: mei guan xi, ni man ba)

you can work on your things, it’s ok

With the fast development of internet, communication mode are changing too. People use wechat more often, when a boy replied “I’ am kind busy right now, talk to you latter” to his girlfriend. The girl will say this-没关系,你忙吧(pinyin: mei guan xi, ni man ba).

But the meaning behind this is that the girl wants to chat with you but you are busy, and if you really continue doing your work, the girl will think I’ am less important, then get pissed. when it comes to your work and your girlfriend, your girlfriend hopes that she is the top priority. Girls sometimes can be a drama queen over a little thing that most men think it is.

  1. 我没事,不用你管(Pinyin:wo mei shi, bu yon ni guan)

I’ am fine, Don’t worry about me

When boys somehow disappointed their girlfriends, and you noticed that she is not happy. you will usually ask:” what happened to you” or “you don’t feel good?” they will likely to reply this” I am fine , don’t worry about me”  Chinese girls will often try to hide feelings of depression, by saying this to avoid showing vulnerability and with a wishing that you take the initiative to really care for her, not with your words but actual actions. So don’t be stupid to believe that they are really ok.

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  1. 不要了,太贵了(Pinyin: bu yao le, tai gui le)

forget it , it’s too expensive

when you go out shopping with your Chinese girlfriend, your girlfriend will often say “太贵了 (Tài guì le).” So how do you think you would react, Oftentimes men will go out of the store. Here you should pay more attention , girls thinks that more value you spend on her ,the more you care for her. In china when your girlfriend says this, it’s like they are saying “Are you willing to spend that much for me to prove you love me, Because “太贵了 (Tài guì le) Too expensive” actually means “she really, really likes this thing.” Women are born shopaholics. If a girl is shopping with you and sees something very special, the girl’s first reaction is to go forward and check it carefully. If she sees the price is high, she will often say “太贵了, (Tài guì le) It’s too expensive, we don’t need to buy it.” At this time, the careful man should know that the woman really likes the item, not that she doesn’t like it.


  1. 分手吧 (Pinyin:fen shou ba)

we should break up

This can be serious and dubious, it depends on the condition how she said it.

It’s usual that lovers fight, and when you fight with your girlfriend, but you are not back down and still wanting to talk senses to her, she might say this. the explanation to this is that girls are emotional and care more about feelings and your attitude, not whose fault it is, but boys are more reasonable. If you insist on making clear whose fault it belongs to, you might well just lose the girl. But if you just compromise, you save the relationship. Unless you really don’t want to be together, you can say yes when she said it.

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  1. 你是个好人(Pinyin:ni shi ge hao ren)

you are a good guy

You really think this phrase literally means you are good? Maybe you are good, but when a Chinese girl says to you, it actually means she is not interested in you, by saying this to put you in the friend zone. Next time when you hear a Chinese girl says you are a good guy, don’t think she likes you.


  1. 都是我的错(Pinyin:dou shi wo de cuo)

It’s all my fault, not yours.


Like I said before in a relationship there is no need to make clear whose fault it is, especially for Chinese girls. This usually happens when you said to your girlfriend that you are right, maybe you are right ,but that’s not the point in the situation.


Just remember that girls are sentimental, they want you to them on the top priority.


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