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4 Reasons why You Should Focus your Business on Chinese Fitness Industry

With new Lifestyle and better economy, China’s Fitness Industry Is Booming over recent years. According to the China market research report released by IBISWorld on Gym, Health and fitness clubs, this industry is set to generate US$ 6.91 billion in 2018.


2018 this year in china, with a Chinese fitness athlete winning this year’s gold bodybuilding competition and going virus on the Internet, more and more people are joining gyms. We have summarized 4 reasons why fitness will be more popular in the coming years in china.


Reason 1: better living standard

Talking fitness to someone who can’t even feed themselves? No way they will listen to you. China’s rapid economic development improved people’s living standard, that means Higher disposable money. they earn more than before and there is a reduction of the family burden as a lot of Chinese choose to have only one child. Living standards have also greatly improved, which has led people to chase after new activities.


Reason 2: Awareness of health

More the country is developed, more attention they put on health. A nice, neat, multipurpose gym that can let you exercise and get a healthy and good-looking body only cost you a few thousand RMB a year, will you disagree? Regular exercise will  enhance you cardio-pulmonary function and boost your blood circulation.


Reason 3: The change of aesthetic

Beauty remains still an important thing in the Chinese society. However nowadays, the healthy look that emanates from the inside-out is becoming more and more attractive. “Healthy mind in a healthy body” is perfect to sum up the situation. Furthermore, Chinese people, especially Chinese girls are known to be thin. But nowadays, it not enough to just be skinny, the focus is on muscle girls with nice shape. Even if it is not the case for all people, this change is taking ground.

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Reason 4: reduction of stress from work

The work environment can be very intense in China. For a lot of workers, we work about 9-9-6 which means working from 9 AM to 9 PM, 6 days per week. As the requirement for physical activity at work fell, more modern and occupational diseases began to affect the health of professionals. Doing sport is not only a question of appearance but also a kind of need.


The significant increase in fitness industry has drawn in investors’ attention, “In the long run, we’re confident the market size is really going to expand to a significant size.

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