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15 Incredible Goods from China That Will Amaze You

Anyone has been in a situation when you were looking for an offbeat present but your loss for ideas or on the contrary you know what you want but you definitely cannot afford the thing. And this is exactly the kind of situations where the interesting and offbeat goods from China will come to your aid.  Today I’m going to show you as many as 15 incredible goods from China which is helpful and really astonishing. Here we go.


  1. The Pocket-Sized Photo Printer from LG

This pocket-sized photo printer from LG is very small no bigger than your open hand. It operates in a fully standalone mode. You can also add all kinds of inscriptions and QR codes to them. The set includes 10 sheets of photo paper. A USB cable for charging the device in the printer itself and the quality of these quick photos is quite decent, which will surely attract the attention of selfie lovers.



  1. The Storm Glass

The storm glass can forecast weather if you retired of believing what the state opticians say. You can provide yourself with a weather station right at home. What’s more, the device is so sensitive that it can predict an abrupt change of temperature only 10 before it happens. If the liquid in the bottle is transparent, the weather is going to be warm and sunny. If it becomes turbid, there will be clouds. Small dots in it predict a fog. Rain fall or snow fall and crystals on the bottom mean frosty weather coming and this thing will let you play a great prank on your friends.



  1. The Blood Capsules

The gel capsules filled with bloody powder will let you play a great prank on your friends, which are used to create the effect of blood streaking from people’s mouths in the movies. In the theater or at carnivals, you have to put the capsule in your mouth and bite it through. When the bloody powder mixes with saliva, it creates a realistic thick blood effect. It is recommended to rinse your mouth with water and use toothpaste after playing the trick.

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  1. The Color-Changing Faucet

If you are tired of getting scalded by boiling water or pouring cold water on yourself every time, the color-changing faucet is really indispensable for you. It allows for adjusting the water temperature without touching the stream with your hand as it acquires color in accordance with its temperature. The water will have a green glow if the temperature is below 25 degrees or become light blue if it is 26 to 35. At 36 to 45 , it will be reddish. At above 45, the water will start flashing red to warn about the danger.



  1. The Thermo Visor

The full-fledged thermo visor out of your smartphone is based on an IR sensitive biometric matrix and can be connected very easily via the micro USB port. It can be used for different purposes. For example, if you put your hand on a wall and then remove it, there will be thermal light on it. Then for several more minutes, you can even see how warm people’s clothes are by how much warmth leaks through.



  1. The Selfie Lamp

Illumination is the main attribute of a perfect selfie. So, you just can’t do without a selfie lamp. The LED ring has three lighting modes so that the illumination of your face in the picture is always equally uniformed. There will be no shadows or glares even in the most complicated photo shooting conditions.



  1. The Coffee Stencils

Do you enjoy pampering yourself with a cup of the tastiest and most fragrant coffee in the mornings? The stencils will make your homemade coffee even more tasty tempting and beautiful looking. Just brew your cappuccino and then put the stencil on top of the cup and pour warm chocolate nuts or cinnamon from above.

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  1. Knife

What is the most important thing in the kitchen? Of course, it is good knives. This wonder knife can cut foods of any complexity literally in one second because instead of putting pressure on the handle you can roll the blade easily. This accelerates the process of cooking and doesn’t let your hands get tired.

  1. The Electro Impulse Lighter

The electro impulse lighter uses plasma instead of fire. It can serve for a very long time. Indeed, there is an accumulator inside, which can be charged via USB in 40 minutes and the charge will last for as long as 10 days You don’t have to replace or refill it, just charge the lighter and use it in any place and in any weather.



  1. The Money Box

It looks like a box with a cat sitting inside it and that cat is definitely attracted to your money. The operating principle is simple. As soon as you place a coin there, the innocent looking kitty sticks out its paw and grabs it. This is nothing else but the most creative still bank in the world.



  1. The Alarm Clock

It is an alarm clock that runs away from its owner when the time is tight. It jumps down comfortably from the nightstand land softly on its large wheels and starts moving across the room and making car shredding sounds, this will definitely make anyone wake up.



  1. The Water Bombs

Those who love water battles will surely get interested in these water bombs specially designed for active leisure during hot summer weather. It takes only a few seconds to prepare the missiles due to the specialized tap attachment, which allows you to fill them with water quickly and conveniently. There are as many as 37 multicolored balls in one bundle, you can organize a fight between teams or shoot them like grenades at random passerby.

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  1. The Robot of Drawing

If you aren’t good at drawing but you want to make a surprise for your friend, this wonder robot of drawing will be of great help for you. The unique device can draw literally anything just give it a command and the picture will start coming to life right before your eyes and this tool can help you draw pictures right in the air.



  1. The 3D Pen

A 3d pen is yet another technical breakthrough in the field of 3d modeling, which makes it possible to create 3d objects in the rear part of its barrel. There is a special opening to insert the filament. The built-in mechanism automatically leads the filament to the extruder where it is melted and then pressed outside. The scope for application of 3d pens is unlimited. Masterful patterns, individual figures and adornments are just a small portion of the things it can do.



  1. 8-K 47s

The water assault rifle is a perfect copy of its legendary prototype. A special feature is its ability to fire burst like a real assault rifle. They are very quick four bullets per second. Of course, this doesn’t cause much destruction but the sensations you get from firing such a weapon are priceless.



So, if you are distressed about choosing what newfangled thing for your friends, don’t be afraid to try these incredible goods.

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